Sunflower Crop Survey
The Sunflower Crop Survey is conducted bi-annually prior to harvest. Volunteers from all levels of the sunflower industry visit sunflower fields to survey the crop condition. Teams survey for yield and production practices, weeds, insects, diseases and bird damage.

The Sunflower Crop Survey link will take you to a web site with historical and state information.

Also of particular interest are PowerPoint presentations which you can download and print for closer review of the results. To access those files, click on the file names below to download the PowerPoint file that describes the results from the year indicated.

(NOTE: These files are very large and will take quite a bit of time to download depending upon your connection speed.)
Video Tutorials
Click on the links below to view a video tutorial for recognizing insects and diseases while coducting the crop survey.

Insects Video
Slide presentation video by Jan Knodel, NDSU Entomologist and Dr. Jarrad Prasifka, USDA ARS Entomologist

Diseases Video
Slide presentation video by Dr. Sam Markell, NDSU Plant Pathologist
Additional Links
USA Sunflower Survey Maps (link)
Each survey location is GPS'd and maps have been developed for locations of incidence. This link takes you to a NDSU site.
Additional Documents
2017 NSA Crop Survey file size: 6491 kb
2017 NSA Crop Survey

2015 NSA Crop Survey file size: 2775 kb

2013 NSA Crop Survey (PDF format) file size: 88 kb

2012 NSA Crop Survey file size: 4574 kb
2012 NSA Crop Survey (pdf format)

2011 NSA Crop Survey (PowerPoint) file size: 7989 kb

2011 NSA Crop Survey (PDF format) file size: 178 kb

2010 NSA Crop Survey (PowerPoint) file size: 15859 kb

2010 NSA Crop Survey (PDF format) file size: 1542 kb

2009 NSA Crop Survey (PowerPoint) file size: 1923 kb
Click here to view the 2009 Data Maps

2009 NSA Crop Survey (PDF format) file size: 80 kb

2008 NSA Crop Survey (PowerPoint)  file size: 2004 kb
Click here to view the 2008 Data Maps

2008 NSA Crop Survey (PDF format)  file size: 182 kb

2007 NSA Crop Survey (PowerPoint) file size: 9340 kb
Click here to view the 2007 Data Maps

2007 NSA Crop Survey (PDF format) file size: 211 kb

2006 NSA Crop Survey (PowerPoint) file size: 3103 kb
Click here to view the 2006 Data Maps

2006 NSA Crop Survey (PDF format) file size: 2092 kb

2006 NSA Crop Survey (narrative research) file size: 366 kb

2005 NSA Crop Survey file size: 3570 kb
Click here to view the 2005 Data Maps

2003 NSA Crop Survey  file size: 5791 kb
Click here to view the 2003 Data Maps

2002 NSA Crop Survey  file size: 465 kb
Click here to view the 2002 Data Maps

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