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The National Sunflower Association (NSA) is a non-profit corporation designed to advance the sunflower industry. The organization is funded by farmers and industry memberships, dues and grants.

All members receive a subscription to The Sunflower Magazine and The Sunflower Week in Review. The Review is published biweekly and reviews price changes, world market factors, and related trade and policy issues. Unlimited subscriptions to the Review are available to members via email only.

Membership Categories

The NSA has five classes of membership: Regular, Associate, Foreign, Check-off Elevator, and Farmer.
  • REGULAR: The "regular" member receives 5 copies of all general publications and meeting notices. This membership is entitled to serve on the board of directors. In addition, regular members may serve on advisory committees. (One-year membership: $500)

  • ASSOCIATE: The "associate" member receives 2 copies of all general publications and meeting notices. Associate members, however, are not eligible to participate in advisory committees. (One-year membership: $325)

  • FOREIGN: The "foreign" membership is available to companies residing outside of the United States. This membership is similar to the "associate" membership. (One-year membership: $500)

  • CHECK-OFF ELEVATOR: The "checkoff elevator" membership is available to only North and South Dakota elevators. This special membership is provided to this group for its contribution in assisting the state councils in collecting the sunflower grower assessment. (One-year membership: $250)

  • FARMER: A "farmer" membership is available to all growers. Farmers who participate in a state checkoff are considered members but are invited to have a formal membership as well. Growers in states without a checkoff are encouraged to obtain a membership. (One-year membership: $40)

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Associate Industry Member - $325/year
Foreign Member - $500/year
Check-off Elevator Member - $250/year
Farmer Member - $40/year
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