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No-Till on the Plains Conference
Sunflower on the High Plains. Video produced for the No-Till On the Plains Conference in Salina, Kansas on Jan. 25-26, 2011. Features Kansas Grower and former National Sunflower Association Board Member Karl Esping.
Improve Plant Spacing
John Smith conducted seed placement tests on oil sunflower and large seeded confections using a variety of metering and planter types when he was an Agricultural Engineer with the University of Nebraska. His observations and recommendations for calibration and adjustments to achieve excellent plant spacing can be viewed on the videos below. For specific questions on sunflower planter calibration issues, you may contact John Smith who is now Professor Emeritus at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He may also be reached via email. If you have problems opening these videos, please email Tina at or call 701-328-5138.
John Smith videos
1a. Improve Plant Spacing - Introduction file size: 10518 kb
1a. Improve Plant Spacing - Introduction

1b. Uniform Rotation of Drive System file size: 8134 kb
1b. Uniform Rotation of Drive System

1c. Planter Malfunction - Troubleshooting file size: 8115 kb
1c. Planter Malfunction - Troubleshooting

1d. CaseIH 1200 Series file size: 15077 kb
1d. CaseIH 1200 Series

1e. Deere / Max Emerge Series file size: 20863 kb
1e. Deere / Max Emerge Series

1f. Deere / Finger Pickup Series file size: 10979 kb
1f. Deere / Finger Pickup Series

1g. Seed Tube Evaluation file size: 4512 kb
1g. Seed Tube Evaluation

1h. Precision Planting - Seed Monitor file size: 8104 kb
1h. Precision Planting - Seed Monitor

1i. Closing Comments file size: 2679 kb
1i. Closing Comments

1j. Case IH Meter Unit  file size: 3498 kb
1j. Case IH Meter Unit

1k. Deere / Finger Pickup Meter Unit file size: 1941 kb
1k. Deere / Finger Pickup Meter Unit

1l. Deere / Max Emerge Meter Unit file size: 2365 kb
1l. Deere / Max Emerge Meter Unit

Sunflower Desiccation

When are sunflowers ready for desiccation? Watch Kirk Howatt from NDSU Plant Sciences as he discusses when sunflowers are ready for desiccation. (This file is optimized by Windows Media Player 8.0 or higher.)

Sunflower Desiccation in Action
Take a ride in the cab of a 4830 John Deere High Boy Sprayer desiccating sunflower on a field near Washburn, ND.
Four Good Reasons to Grow Sunflower
Listen to sunflower producers as they discuss reasons why they plant sunflowers. These producers have sunflowers in their rotation as sunflower has provided a good return over the years and given them a consistent positive bottom line.
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