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Below are links to most of the PowerPoint presentations (in PDF format) from the 32nd annual NSA Research Forum. Click on the title of the presentation to access the file. Please note that some of the files are very large in size and may take a few minutes to download.

The content of these presentations may not be used without the author's consent
2009 National Sunflower Association Survey file size: 5553 kb
Berglund, Duane R.

2009 Sunflower Insect Pest Problems and Insecticide Update file size: 5214 kb
Knodel, Janet et al

Biology and Management of Sunflower Seed Maggot in the Northern Great Plains file size: 2036 kb
Ganehiarachchi, Mangala et al

Determination of vegetative compatibility groups using molecular markers, and their aggressiveness of Verticillium dahliae occurring on sunflower file size: 2184 kb
Alananbeh, Kholoud M. et al

Evaluation of 250 USDA Plant Introductions Over Two Years of Inoculated Field Trials to Identify New Sources of Sclerotinia Stalk Rot Resistance file size: 1740 kb
Guyla, Tom et al

Evaluation of Christmas Bird Counts and Landscape Factors as Indicators of Local Blackbird Winter Roosts file size: 2829 kb
Strassburg, Matthew et al

Evaluation of Fungicides and Fungicide Timing of Management of Phomopsis in Sunflower file size: 1810 kb
Markell, Sam et al

Evaluation of Fungicides and Timing for Rust Control in Inoculated Trials in North Dakota file size: 3373 kb
Friskop, Andrew et al

Fertility Management of Irrigated Sunflowers file size: 679 kb
Schneekloth, Joel

Incidence and Distribution of Predominant Diseases found in Nebraska Sunflower Production in 2009 file size: 12035 kb
Harveson, Robert M.

New sunflower rust projects in the USDA Sunflower Research Unit file size: 162 kb
Qi, Lili et al

New Virulent Races of Downy Mildew: Distribution, Status of DM-Resistant Hybrids, and USDA Sources of Resistance to Races that Overcome the PI6 Gene file size: 2525 kb
Gulya, Tom et al

Observations on Sunflower Rust in Nebraska and Management Efforts with Fungicide Application Timings file size: 1572 kb
Harveson, Robert M.

Planting Considerations for Sunflower in the Southern Great Plains file size: 453 kb
Godsey, Chad et al

Planting Later than the RMA FPD in South Dakota On-Farm Research Study file size: 2648 kb
Grady, Kathy et al

Research on Dectes texanus in Kansas: An Update file size: 489 kb
Michaud, J.P.

Research progress and results from the 2009 USDA sunflower genetics trials file size: 822 kb
Hulke, Brent

Resistance of Sunflower Germplasm to the Sunflower Stem Weevil & Red Sunflower Seed Weevil & Evaluation of Commercial Hybrids for Resistance to the Sunflower Midge file size: 1349 kb
Charlet, Larry et al

Resistance to sclerotinia head rot in sunflower hybrids file size: 1978 kb
Rashid, Khalid Y.

Sclerotinia Head Rot and Sunflower Hybrids file size: 1609 kb
Schatz, Blaine et al

Seed Moisture and Dry Matter Response During Sunflower Seed Development file size: 1931 kb
Johnson, Burton et al

Soil Nitrogen Effects Palmer Amaranth Control with Imazamox file size: 595 kb
Stahlman, Phil and Amar Godar

Status of Anthraquinone Bird Repellent for Protecting Ripening Sunflower file size: 7056 kb
Werner, Scott et al

Sunflower Research Unit: USDA-ARS file size: 4146 kb
Vick, Brady

Sunflower Rust Races in Manitoba file size: 1358 kb
Rashid, Khalid Y.

Update on Host Plant Resistance Studies of Sunflower Moth and Banded Sunflower Moth file size: 718 kb
Chirumamilla, Anitha et al

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