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Damage from Rhizopus

Name: Damage from Rhizopus
Description: A sunflower head showing the color and devastating effects from Rhizopus.
ID Name: sun081308b
Credits: Doug Jardine
Size: 177K

Dry head damage

Name: Dry head damage
Description: Rhizopus causes a sunflower head to become dry and brittle.
ID Name: sun081308c
Credits: Doug Jardine
Size: 216K

Rhizopus - Back of head

Name: Rhizopus - Back of head
Description: The back of a sunflower head showing the effects of Rhizopus.
ID Name: sun081308a
Credits: Doug Jardine
Size: 214K

Rhizopus damage

Name: Rhizopus damage
Description: Stage of Rhizopus damage with drooping, dry head
ID Name: sun081308d
Credits: Doug Jardine
Size: 187K

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