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A Look at Opportunities in Both Oils & Confections

Editor’s Note:  The March/April 2016 issue of The Sunflower reported on the new North Dakota State University fertility recommendations for sunflower—the first such updates since the 1970s.  This highly significant development was reflected upon in a recent “success story” report by NDSU Extension soils specialist Dave Franzen, who led the effort to update the recommendations. Here’s a summary of his remarks.

Kerald Searcey Initially Planted ’Flowers As A Cover Crop; Then Soon Saw Their Cash Potential

In an Area Where Neither Is Commonplace, Doug Toussaint and His Sons Make Their System Work

A low-tech—but highly visible—demonstration has been sparking headlines of late as a method of assessing the level of biological activity in the soil

California Company Relies on Sunflower Oil to Help Meet Customers’ Health & Quality Expectations

Excerpts from the January 1987 Issue of The Sunflower

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