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USDA Releases 2014 Sunflower Acres Estimates
3/31/2014 According to USDA, growers intend to plant a total of 1.59 million acres in 2014, up 1 percent from last year. (more)

2014 NSA Summer Seminar
4/14/2014 The 32nd Annual NSA Summer Seminar will be held in historic Deadwood, South Dakota. (more)

Sunflower Highlights
4/14/2014 Since the release of the USDA March planting intentions report new crop sunflower prices have gained 65-85 cents per cwt. (more)
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WANTED: Story Ideas
1/21/14 Let us know what you want to read about in The Sunflower. Fill out this brief form and let us know what we should be writing ... (more)

2013 U.S. Sunflower Crop Quality Report
2/14/2014 The 2013 U.S. Sunflower Crop Quality Report is posted here. The report is produced annually by the National Sunflower Association. The report contains useful information about sunflower acreage & production, confection and oil-type seed quality, mid-oleic & high oleic ... (more)

Tips for Using High-Temp Dryers
10/23/13 Good advice from our archives on using high-temp dryers to dry sunflowers. (more)