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Pillars of Success for N.W. Minnesota’s R&B Growers

Specialist Abbey Wick Exploring Sunflower’s Potential in Soil Health Toolbox

Editor’s Note:  In Spring 1967, the University of Minnesota Agricultural Extension Service published a bulletin titled ‘The Sunflower Crop’ in Minnesota.’  Its authors were Robert Robinson, Freeman Johnson and Olaf Soine. At the time, Robinson was an associate professor at the university, Johnson was a research agronomist with Cargill, and Soine was professor at the UM’s Northwest School and Experiment Station in Crookston. Minnesota and North Dakota contained most of the U.S. sunflower crop as of 1967. Until then, most production was for either the confection or birdseed markets.  The oil sector was just getting going in the Upper Midwest with flaxseed processors Cargill and Minnesota Linseed offering contracts for oil sunflower seeds — much of which, in those days, was planted to the open-pollinated variety “Peredovik.” The following excerpt on sunflower weed control options comes from the 1967 UM bulletin, which addressed a variety of topics relating to the production and economics of the fledgling crop. As seen from this excerpt, EPTC (Eptam) was the sole labeled herbicide at the time, with tillage still the primary weed control method.

It’s a Formula That’s Working Well for East Central Kansas’ Svitak Father-Son Operation

A desire to get healthy for herself and her family led Deana Karim to found her own business, Good Dee’s. While she managed to lose more than 30 pounds, Deana also changed her lifestyle — and her ideas about dieting.  Not wanting to lose the weight only to gain it again, she realized if she kept depriving herself from foods she enjoyed, she would fail. So, through months of trial and error, she made a cookie that was not only tasty, but also healthy.  And that led her to sharing her cookie mix with the world, and incorporating sunflower seed flour into her mix. Jody Kerzman visited with her about Good Dee’s and how sunflower seed flour has made her products stand out.

Excerpts from the January 1989 Issue of The Sunflower

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