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This is the Sunflower Market News for 10/28/2016

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Sunflowers are priced per hundred weight (CWT).

NuSun Prices

Location October Change November Change New Crop 2017 Change
Fargo ND 15.20 unch 15.20 unch NQ --
Enderlin ND 15.25 -.15 15.25 -.15 NQ --
Goodland KS 14.85 -.10 NQ unch NQ --
Prices recorded here are believed to be reliable at the time of posting. All prices are subject to change. Contact these facilities for complete market details.


High Oleic Prices

Location October Change November Change New Crop 2017 Change
Enderlin ND NQ -- NQ unch NQ --
Pingree ND NQ -- NQ unch NQ --
Goodland KS 16.85 -.10 NQ unch NQ --
Fargo ND NQ unch NQ unch NQ --



  Trading Range Nearby Close Change
Soybean Oil +.26 to +.32 35.41 +.30
Soybean Meal -5.60 to -10.10 317.50 -10.10

Market Comments
Sunflower prices have not followed the rally in CBoT soyoil futures. Nearby prices have fallen on robust seed deliveries from active producer selling in the past few weeks. This plus deliveries of previous contracted seed are adding to harvest pressure. Harvest continues at a rapid pace in the Northern and High Plains as most states are equal to or slightly ahead of the five-year average harvest pace per USDA. Yield reports continue to be very positive and quality is generally very good. Yields are being reported in the 1,500-2,800-pound range with some reports over 3,000 pounds. Early reports have oil content averaging about 45% in the Northern Plains and 41% in the High Plains. This is helping to ease some of the drop off in lower nearby prices. Sunflower is the only oilseed that pays premiums for oil content above 40%. Confection sunflower harvest is also progressing nicely. Confection sunflower yields, seed size and qualities have been very good up to this point. The above average yields and quality have the trade still assessing the size of the 2016 crop. Depending on the size of the crop, seed prices may not follow the price action on the CBoT until harvest deliveries slow down at the plants. After the producer selling pace slows down, prices will follow demand news.
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