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About 165 participants—including sunflower growers, researchers and industry personnel—were on hand for the 34th annual National Sunflower Association Summer Seminar, held on June 28-30 in Bismarck, N.D. On these pages we present various presentation summaries and photos from this year’s event. The 2017 NSA?Summer Seminar is planned for June 27-29 in Rapid City, S.D.

       Editor’s Note:  Many sunflower producers utilize row-crop combine heads.  Numerous others opt for a harvest attachment specifically designed for sunflower.  Still others employ special conversion kits for fitting to their corn head.        These pages introduce several attachments and conversion kits available on today’s market.  The information has been provided by the respective companies and then edited for use in The Sunflower.        Contact details are included for those growers who wish to further investigate a given company’s products.

California Research Explores How’s & Why’s of Sunflower Plants’ Heliotropic Behavior

Excerpts from the Aug/Sept 1986 Issue of The Sunflower

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