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You Are Here Sunflower Magazine > Sunflower Hybrid Performance Results

Sunflower Magazine

Sunflower Hybrid Performance Results
January 2007

Hybrid evaluations from four locations in 2006 (Casselton, Carrington, and Langdon in N.D., Miller S.D., and Colby/Thomas County, Kans.) are presented in the following tables. More test locations and complete results of sunflower yield trials conducted last year in cooperation with USDA, university researchers, and private seed companies are available on the NSA website Click on the “Growers” link, then “Yield Trials and Hybrid Disease Ratings.”

The complete hybrid trial results posted online include detailed data such as days to flowering and maturity, plant height, head size, and more specific information related to confections, such as seed weight and seed size.

In the yield trial information at, note the disease ratings for Sclerotinia stalk rot, downy mildew and rust of released and commercial hybrids submitted for evaluation in USDA Sclerotinia trials. Seed companies may have additional trial and disease rating information for specific hybrids. Yield trial results are available for previous years as well at, so you can trace hybrid performance over various growing seasons. The trials are presented as PDF files, read by Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded for free at

Following are other sources of public sunflower hybrid performance information available online.

North Dakota State University Research and Research Extension Centers

South Dakota State University Crop Variety Trial Information

Colorado State University Sunflower Page

Kansas State University Research & Extension Crops and Soils Library

University of Nebraska sunflower testing results

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