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Fresh Hybrids for '11

Wednesday, December 1, 2010
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Editor’s Note: The following listings consist of hybrids that are new for 2011 planting or were available in only limited quantities for 2010. Companies obviously have additional varieties for sale as well as those listed here. For more details, visit the listed websites or contact your local seed company representative.

Hybrid descriptions were provided by the seed companies. The Sunflower has edited some listings for brevity and/or style.

Blue River Hybrids

Blue River Hybrids is introducing Sierra Organic Sunflower Seed for planting in 2011. It is a superior performing, high-oleic hybrid best suited to full-season use. Sierra Organic has very good disease tolerance and plant health. It has high oleic oil content and quality, excellent seedset and center fill.

Sierra is a good choice for farmers who want to blend sunflower with corn silage to improve protein and fat content or to grow for crushing to produce sunflower oil. Sierra can be planted until June 10 throughout most of North Dakota and extended to June 15-20 throughout South Dakota and the Kansas and Nebraska plains.

CHS Sunflower

CHS Sunflower is introducing RH 402CL for 2011 planting. This mid-season Clearfield® hybrid offers excellent plant uniformity, uniform bloom period, and excellent seed size and very good seed color. It has good root and stalk strength and good yield potential.


Croplan Genetics

• 442 E,NS is Croplan Genetics’ earliest ExpressSun® hybrid. This is a 92-day NuSun hybrid with fast drydown and excellent tolerance to root lodging. This short-statured hybrid delivers very strong yield and oil and will be a great companion to 460 E,NS. It also has field tolerance to Sclerotinia and will be treated with 4X Dynasty plus CruiserMaxx®.

• 460 E,NS is Croplan’s highest yielding and best oil ExpressSun hybrid. This is a 94-day NuSun hybrid with strong roots and stalks. It continues to deliver strong, consistent profits and will be treated with 4X Dynasty plus CruiserMaxx. The 460 E, NS had stronger yield and oil than 3080 DMR,NS in the past two years’ trials.

• 555 CL,DMR,NS is Croplan’s most attractive and disease-tolerant Clearfield® hybrid. A 94-day NuSun hybrid, it has outstanding yield potential with tolerance to Sclerotinia, Phomopsis, phoma and rust. This hybrid is one of the very few resistant to all current U.S races of downy mildew — even the new strain found in 2009. It has very good tolerance to root lodging and excellent late-season plant health.

• 559 CL,DMR,NS is Croplan’s highest-yielding and best-oil-content Clearfield hybrid. The 95-day NuSun hybrid has strong disease tolerance and excellent tolerance to root lodging. This hybrid is one of the very few resistant to all current U.S races of downy mildew, including the new strain found in 2009. It had better yield and oil than 3080 DMR,NS in the past two years’ trials.

Dahlgren & Company

• Dahlgren 9599 is a new mid-maturing confection variety with very long, large, dark-striped seed. It offers uniform plant height and bloom. Limited availability of 9599 in 2011.

• Dahlgren 9506CL is a new Clearfield single-cross confection variety of mid- to full maturity. It combines height with good harvestability. Excellent seed length and color. Limited availability in 2011.

Mycogen Seeds

• 8N421CLDM is a medium full-season hybrid with genetic resistance to the most prevalent races of downy mildew in North America, along with Clearfield herbicide technology for expanded weed control options. It has very good oil content and test weight, making it a strong choice for both the NuSun oil market and the bird food market.

Pannar Seeds

• 8579NS/DM is an early to mid-season NuSun hybrid with resistance to most current downy mildew races in North America. It has exceptional standability and excellent oil content, as well as very good drydown and test weight. This hybrid will serve the NuSun oil, bird food and hulling markets

• 7813NS is an earlier-season NuSun variety with excellent rust resistance and very good oil content. This medium-height hybrid possesses superb standability and exceptional drydown characteristics. A good hybrid for both the oil and bird food markets.

Pioneer Hi-Bred

• Pioneer brand P64HE01 represents the industry’s first high-oleic ExpressSun sunflower hybrid complete with Express herbicide tolerance. Along with outstanding yield potential and exceptional oil content, P64HE01 offers sound agronomic traits, including downy mildew resistance and strong roots and stalks. With its superior high-oleic acid levels and oil content, this hybrid is an excellent choice for contracting opportunities.

• P63ME70 is a high-yielding ExpressSun hybrid for the NuSun mid-oleic market, with improved drydown, excellent oil content and solid agronomics. In addition to Express tolerance, this hybrid offers exceptional yield potential similar to 63N82 in a slightly earlier maturity with similar plant stature. P63ME70 also features very good resistance to downy mildew. Other agronomic strengths include strong roots, stalks and neck strength.

Red River Commodities

For the 2011 growing season, Red River Commodities will advance two hybrids that were available on a limited basis in 2010, along with one new hybrid on a very limited basis.

• RRC 2215-CL was available in 2010 on a limited basis. A Clearfield version of the popular RRC 2215, this hybrid has good test weight, long seed size and is adapted from North Dakota to Texas.

• RRC 2217 was available on a limited basis in 2010. It is a long type hybrid with excellent yielding ability and excellent seed size. RRC 2217 is widely adapted from North Dakota to Texas.

• RRC EX 477 will be available on a very limited basis. It is a excellent yielder with a high percent of seed O/20. Due to its being a full-season hybrid, EX 477 is better adapted to the Southern Plains region. RRC EX 477 is 8 to 12” shorter than RRC 2215.

Seeds 2000

• 6950 is part of a new generation of hybrids that fit northern growers. It offers large seed size with improved length and agronomics versus 6946.

• Sundance is a medium-maturing, modified single-cross confection hybrid with very dark color and excellent seed size. It has excellent tolerance to early ripening diseases and is widely adapted for both northern and southern regions.

• Jaguar II is the newest generation of Clearfield confection hybrids. It offers improvements in seed size and color compared to Jaguar, while maintaining the favorable characteristics that made Jaguar a leader in the confection market. It has good standability and improved downy mildew protection.

• Jaguar DMR is an early maturing, uniform, single-cross, second-generation Clearfield hybrid with resistance to multiple races of downy mildew. Its long, dark seeds are suitable for in-shell markets. Jaguar DMR is widely adapted and offers good stalk and root strength.

• Camaro is a medium-maturing, single-cross hybrid with stacked resistance to multiple races of downy mildew — plus Clearfield technology. It has shown improved Sclerotinia head rot tolerance and has good stalk and root strength. Camaro fits into both northern and southern production regions and is suited to both the NuSun oil and bird food markets.

• Torino is a medium/full-maturing NuSun hybrid with Clearfield technology. It offers very high yield potential with excellent late-season plant health and improved Sclerotinia head rot tolerance. Plant Torino in fuller-season areas for the NuSun and bird food markets.

• Cobra II is a medium-maturing NuSun hybrid with DuPont™ Express (with TotalSol® soluble granules) tolerance. This single-cross hybrid has excellent yield for maturity with a shorter plant height and very good stalk and root strength.

• Durango is a medium/full- to full-season hybrid with DuPont Express herbicide tolerance. This single-cross NuSun hybrid has improved oil content as well as excellent stalk and root strength. It fits well into the NuSun and bird food markets and performs best in full-season areas.

Syngenta Seeds

• 3733 NS/DM is a downy mildew-resistant version of our leading hybrid, 3732 NS. This 97-day relative maturity NuSun hybrid features shorter-than-average plant height along with high and stable yield performance. Widely adaptable, this hybrid has performed well in both Dakotas and the High Plains.

• 3495 NS/CL/DM is an early maturity Clearfield hybrid and an excellent fit for North Dakota sunflower growers at 95-day relative maturity. This NuSun hybrid was among the top-yielding hybrids in university trials during 2009. It combines excellent downy mildew resistance with a strong disease package and good standability.

• 3990 NS/CL/DM combines the Clearfield herbicide system for postemergence weed control in a NuSun hybrid with downy mildew resistance. With an excellent disease package, this new hybrid performs well in areas with a history of Sclerotinia. This 97-day relative maturity hybrid is well adapted to North Dakota and offers excellent yield potential.

Triumph Seed

• s673 is a short-stature NuSun hybrid, 94-104 days, with better standability and head angle. Very good yield potential. It also has great rust tolerance and test weight, consistent performance and uniform height.

• 610CLD is a Clearfield NuSun 79-89 day hybrid. Downy mildew tolerant, it is a good fit for double-crop or shorter-season maturity situations.

• 810CLD is a Clearfield high-oleic hybrid tolerant to downy mildew. At 76-86 day maturity, it offers good performance across locations for an earlier hybrid.

• 770CL is Triumph’s first Clearfield confection hybrid. Maturity of 100-110 days. This is a very healthy hybrid with great yields. Seed size is similar to Triumph’s leading confection hybrids. Moderate rust tolerance.
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