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2009 NSA Research Support

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
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Production research is a high priority within the National Sunflower Association. Research priorities are developed by the NSA Research Committee, and U.S. researchers are invited to submit proposals. The proposals are rated by the committee, and the NSA Board of Directors then makes the final funding decisions.

The NSA is also constantly on the lookout for matching grants to stretch the research budget. In addition, about $400,000 from the National Sclerotinia Initiative helps fund long-term work on that particular disease in sunflower.

Here is a breakdown of the 2009 projects funded by the NSA:


Sunflower Rust: Race Identification, Hybrid Resistance Evaluation & Search for New Sources of Resistance; Tom Gulya, USDA-ARS-Fargo, and University of Kansas collaborators; $9,630

Evaluation of Fungicide Efficacy & Development of Timing Strategy for Control of Sunflower Rust; Sam Markell, North Dakota State University, with collaborators at varioius NDSU sites and at the University of Nebraska; $22,828 (This project is funded by the North Dakota Harmonization Board.)

Development of Management Strategies to Control Sunflower Rust Using Genetic Resistance & Fungicides; Sam Markell, NDSU, and USDA-ARS-Fargo collaborators; $23,588 (Of this total, $13,629 is with North Dakota SBARE funding, and the other $9,959 is from the NSA.)

Evaluation of Fungicides & Fungicide Timing for Management of Phomopsis in Sunflower; Sam Markell, NDSU; $20,544 (Funded by the North Dakota Harmonization Board.)


Evaluation of Sunflower for Resistance to Seed Insect Pests in the Northern Plains; Janet Knodel, NDSU, and USDA-ARS, Fargo, and South Dakota State University collaborators; $9,200

Screening Sunflower for Reaction to Infestation by the Sunflower Midge & Seed Maggot; Janet Knodel, NDSU, and USDA-ARS-Fargo collaborators; $6,048

Development of Resistance to Stem & Seed Insect Pests of Sunflower in the Central Plains; Larry Charlet, USDA-ARS-Fargo, and NDSU and KSU collaborators; $55,000

Determination of the Biology, Impact, Economic Threshold & Pest Management Strategies for the Sunflower Seed Maggot in the Northern Plains; Janet Knodel, NDSU, and USDA-ARS-Fargo and NDSU research station collaborators; $74,000 (Of that total, $28,000 is from the NSA, $40,000 from the North Dakota Harmonization Board and $6,000 from chemical companies.)

Mitigation of Yield Losses to Dectes texanus in Rain-Fed Sunflower; J.P. Michaud, Kansas State University, $10,970


Nitrogen Management for Irrigated Sunflower; Joel Schneekloth, USDA-ARS, Akron, Colo.; $4,000

On-Farm Sunflower Planting Date Study; Kathleen Grady, SDSU; $13,316

Skip-Row Sunflower for Drought Avoidance in Dryland Cropping Systems; Thandiwe Nleya, SDSU; $3,402

Water Use Efficiency & Irrigation Timing for Southern High Plains Sunflower; Calvin Trostle, Texas A&M University, and Sangu Angadi, New Mexico State University; $8,000

Enhance USDA-ARS-Fargo, Sunflower Unit Budget; Brady Vick, Research Leader; $50,000

Production Practices for Late-Planted Sunflower in Eastern Kansas; James Long, Kansas State University; $4,750

Determination of Physiological Maturity in Sunflower; Burton Johnson, NDSU, and USDA-ARS-Morris collaborators; $7,000

Comparison of Sunflower & Other Crops on Effective Nitrogen; Ezra Aberle, NDSU; $3,800

Managing Deficit Sprinkler Irrigation for Sunflower Production; Freddie Lamm, Kansas State University, $7,840

Planting Considerations for Sunflower in the Southern Great Plains; Chad Godsey, Oklahoma State University; $14,931

Crop Coefficients for Irrigation Scheduling of Sunflower Under Limited Water Conditions; Gerald Buchleiter, USDA-ARS, Fort Collins, Colo.; $7,800

Validating Saflufenacil (Kixor) Desiccation of Sunflower Using Aerial Application; Phil Stahlman, Kansas State University, and NDSU collaborators; $6,000

Evaluation of Double-Cropping Sunflower After Wheat in Southern Illinois; Stephen Ebelhar, University of Illinois; $8,953

2009 Sunflower Crop Survey; Duane Berglund and multiple collaborators; $8,500

Testing Anthraquinone as a Blackbird Repellant; George Linz, USDA-APHIS-Ft. Collins, and N.D. Oilseed Council; $20,000.

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