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Sunflower Hybrids: What’s Coming Next Year?

Monday, December 1, 2008
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APEX Genetics
A951NSCL is a NuSun®/Clearfield® stacked hybrid with exceptional downy mildew resistance. This 95-day variety makes an excellent early hybrid choice; and, as an earlier selection, it’s positioned well for double cropping. A951NSCL also makes an excellent dehull hybrid.

CHS Sunflower
CHS Sunflower offers producers two new options for their Clearfield system requirements in 2009, as well as a new large-seeded oil sunflower hybrid for the hulling oil market. All three of these hybrids will be available in limited commercial quantities for 2009.

RH 400CL is a new Clearfield XL confection variety. A single-cross hybrid with uniform bloom, it has excellent standability with an upright neck that allows for easy harvestability. It features medium plant height, a medium maturity range and very good yield potential. This hybrid will be available for our XL contracts in 2009.

RH 3126RT, a rust-tolerant XL hybrid first introduced in very limited quantities for 2007, will be available on a larger scale this year. It has very good plant health with excellent standability. This hybrid produces very long black seeds for our 2009 XL contracts. Very good yield potential with a full-season maturity rating.

RH 403CL is a new Clearfield traditional hybrid from CHS. A single-cross hybrid with uniform bloom, it features excellent stalk strength and standability and very good yield potential. This full-season confection hybrid has good seed size with excellent length and color.

RH 866OH is a new very large-seeded NuSun hulling oil sunflower variety with excellent yield potential. A single-cross hybrid with very good standability, RH 866OH produces very large black oil seeds, excellent for the hulling market. Both its plant height and maturity range would be considered medium.

Croplan Genetics
Croplan Genetics brand sunflower will be introducing three new NuSun hybrids in 2009. One is a Clearfield NuSun; one is an ExpressSun® tolerant with DuPont™ Express® herbicide with TotalSol® soluble granules; and the third is a downy mildew-resistant hybrid.

306 DMR,NS is an 88-day maturity mid-oleic hybrid that will work very well in the northern tiers of North Dakota as well as moving south into South Dakota. It is a NuSun hybrid with excellent yield potential and very good oil content. It also is resistant to all prevalent U.S. races of downy mildew.

460 E,NS is approved for the DuPont ExpressSun trait system with Express herbicide with TotalSol soluble granules. This is a 97-day NuSun hybrid with very strong roots and stalks. Given its combined oil content and yield potential, along with the new weed control practice, this is one hybrid you need to get on your farm.

555 CL,DMR,NS is a 94-day NuSun hybrid with outstanding oil content and yield potential. This is our first Clearfield hybrid in this maturity that is resistant to all prevalent U.S. races of downy mildew. It has very good late-season plant health, so you may want to consider desiccation in the fall.

Dahlgren & Company
9592 is a new long-type confection hybrid with excellent seed size, color and length. This mid- to full-season single-cross variety offers uniform plant height along with very high yield across all types of environments.

95EXPCL is a new mid-season long-type Clearfield confection hybrid. This variety combines stalk and root quality to improve both test weight and yield over all growing regions.

4455NS is a new mid- to full-season conoil NuSun hybrid with excellent hulling capabilities. Like Dahlgren’s 4421, 4455NS is a medium-height hybrid with good seedling vigor and uniform maturity. A consistent performer across a wide range of environmental conditions, it provides multiple marketing opportunities.

4500CL is an early maturing Clearfield/NuSun hulling oil hybrid with excellent drydown combined with exceptional yield. This variety has good oil content, thus offering additional marketing options.

Monsanto will begin marketing sunflower in 2009 under a single brand: DEKALB®. Interstate Seed®, a well recognized brand in the sunflower industry, was purchased by Monsanto in 2004. Both Interstate and DEKALB brand sunflower have been in the marketplace since the Interstate acquisition. “Moving to a single, national DEKALB brand will allow the business to focus more on key products and reduce inefficiencies associated with offering two complete brands under the same company,” states Jim Johnson, branded sunflower marketing manager for Monsanto. “All Interstate varieties currently being marketed will be available to sunflower growers in DEKALB bags.”

DEKALB will be introducing three new varieties for 2009:

DKF39-80 CL is a Clearfield/Nusun hybrid with mid-season maturity. This product has excellent yield potential for both South Dakota and North Dakota. Expect very good early season vigor and stand establishment with this dual-purpose hybrid.

DKF34-80 CL is a Clearfield/Nusun hybrid with resistance to all known races of downy mildew. At a 96-day relative maturity, this early/mid-season sunflower hybrid is well adapted to the Northern Plains states.

DKF38-75 NS – Finally, this popular South Dakota hybrid will be available in a NuSun version! This exciting product won the 2008 sunflower trial at Carrington, N.D., where more than 90 hybrids were tested. Expect the same top-end yield potential growers enjoyed for years with DK3875. Supplies will be limited during this introductory year.

Mycogen Seeds
Mycogen has added three new sunflower hybrids to its portfolio for 2009.

A full-season confection hybrid with superior seed size and excellent seed color, 8C451 provides excellent yield potential. Plant health and uniformity make this hybrid well suited for the in-shell market.

8D481 is a superior full-season NuSun hybrid with excellent hulling properties and oleic values. This medium-height hybrid complements 8D310 as the dehulling product of choice for longer-season markets. Excellent stress resistance is another key characteristic of this hybrid.

A NuSun version of the popular SF187 hybrid, 8N187 is a medium- to full-season hybrid with short stature, vigorous seedling growth and rapid canopy development. Providing consistent yields under a wide variety of environmental conditions, this hybrid has an excellent multi-year track record. Excellent opportunities are found in the NuSun oil, birdseed and hulling markets for this hybrid.

Pannar Seeds
9404 is a black-seeded hybrid that is very well-suited for droughty conditions and later plantings.

9501 is a full-season hybrid that is consistently top yielding. This variety possesses excellent test weight and is well suited for the birdfood market.

8560NS/CL is a NuSun hybrid that also features the Clearfield herbicide technology. Possessing excellent standability and test weight, it is a nice black-seeded hybrid suitable for the NuSun oil and birdfood markets.

8579NS/DM is a early to mid-season NuSun hybrid offering resistance to current downy mildew races in North America. It has exceptional standability and excellent oil content, as well as very good drydown and test weight. This hybrid will serve the NuSun oil, birdfood and hulling markets.

Pioneer Hi-Bred Internationall
Pioneer is excited to launch a second generation of ExpressSun sunflower for 2009. 63N82 is a mid-season Express tolerant hybrid that brings a whole new element in weed control. ExpressSun is a non-transgenic gene that provides tolerance to postemerge applications of Express herbicide with TotalSol soluble granules. This provides postemergent control of broadleaf weeds such as wild mustard, redroot pigweed, Canada thistle, common lambsquarter, marshelder and tansy mustard. 63N82 carries a strong agronomic package with similar yields and oil to 63M80, which had been an industry standard in the NuSun market.

E-6 DMR is a new triple-threat sunflower hybrid for the hulling, NuSun and birdfood markets. It offers pounds, oil content and disease package. Later in maturity than E-85, it consistently produces large seed.

E-7 DMR is taller than E-85 and a little longer in maturity. It’s also a triple-threat marketplace hybrid, with strong yield, oil and disease package.

Red River Commodities
2217 is a full-season confection hybrid with excellent seed size, good color and high yield potential from the Dakotas to the High Plains. It is a single-cross hybrid that is very uniform in blooming as well as during drydown.

2215 CL is a Clearfield version of Red River’s 2215. Seed of 2215 CL will be very limited for 2009. It is a top producer and leader in yield, seed size and quality, from North Dakota to Texas.

Seeds 2000
Complementing Jaguar, the industry leading confection sunflower hybrid, is the new Jaguar DMR. This new stacked trait hybrid combines genetic resistance to multiple races of downy mildew with tolerance to Beyond® herbicide, to provide even more consistent performance. Jaguar DMR is a medium-early maturing single-cross hybrid that produces the long, large, dark seed that processors pick. This hybrid has improved late-season plant health and excellent stalk and root strength. Jaguar DMR is adapted to both northern and southern sunflower production areas.

Panther II is a medium-early maturing, high-yielding, modified single-cross hybrid. It produces the large, long and dark seeds suited for the in-shell and dehull confection markets. Panther II has shorter plant height, improved uniformity, excellent root strength and improved rust tolerance. It offers wide adaptation, from North Dakota to the Southern Plains.

Badger CL, the industry’s first Clearfield conoil hybrid, is a very high-yielding, uniform, single-cross hybrid. It combines oilseed and confection genetics to produce a large seed that processors prefer for the hulling market. Offering medium to medium-late maturity, Badger CL has excellent standability, end-of-season plant health and meat-to-hull ratio. It is suitable to plant in the southern half of North Dakota, as well as in southern production areas.

Available in limited supply last season, Firebird is a medium late-maturing NuSun hybrid with the ExpressSun herbicide tolerance trait. This high-yielding single-cross hybrid has excellent stalk and root strength and outstanding late-season plant health. Firebird produces dark black seeds, making it suitable for birdfood markets.

Available in limited supply during 2008, Blazer CL has all the attributes of the popular Blazer NuSun variety — plus the Clearfield herbicide tolerance trait. Blazer CL is a medium-height, uniform, single-cross hybrid that produces seed with high oil content. A high-yielding variety with outstanding stalk and root strength.

Triumph Seed
s671 — A short-stature NuSun hybrid (94-104 days) with improved stalk health and standability. This hybrid features an upright head angle for improved harvestability. Additional benefits include rust tolerance and hail and stem weevil tolerance, due to its short stature.

s674 — Another short-stature NuSun hybrid (94-104 days) with improved stalk health and standability. It features an upright head angle for improved harvestability, along with rust tolerance and hail and stem weevil tolerance.

630CL — This Clearfield hybrid (79-89 days) also brings along rust tolerance and good yield potential.

s878 — This is a short-stature high-oleic hybrid (96-106 days) with good plant health, similar agronomically to Triumph s678 NuSun. It tolerates moderate levels of rust infection. Features turned-down heads with closed bracts for improved bird tolerance.

s880CL — This short-stature high-oleic Clearfield variety offers excellent rust tolerance and good harvestability.

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