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Sunflower Hybrids for 2007

Wednesday, November 15, 2006
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CHS Sunflower Adds Two New Hybrids

RH 1122 – A new hybrid release from CHS that produces exceptionally large seed. Very good yield potential with a uniform bloom for insect control timing. This hybrid will be available under a CHS production contract only.

RH 316 – A new Agway XL® variety release with improved yield potential. This

hybrid is of medium maturity with an improved disease tolerance package over RH 318. This hybrid is available under a CHS production contract only.

Croplan Genetics offering diverse portfolio for ‘07

Among the hybrid portfolio offered by Croplan Genetics for 2007 are one new NuSun hybrid, one IMI NuSun, as well as several hybrids (one confection and two NuSun IMI tolerant hybrids) still under review before commercial release, thus not listed. There will also be increased seed available of limited release hybrids in 2006. Several hybrids to note:

305 DMR,NS – This new NuSun hybrid is resistant to all prevalent U.S. races of downy mildew. The field tolerance to both head and stalk sclerotinia was one of the best in USDA’s 2005 Sclerotinia study. It also looks very good for Sclerotina ratings in the 2006 trials. It is a very early maturing plant that has very good stalk and root strength.

356NS – A new mid-maturity, short and attractive hybrid designed for that non-disease field that can push the yields to their greatest potential. A top yield and oil per acre performer.

803 DMR,NS – A limited release hybrid in 2006, this is the downy mildew version of the old ‘die-hard’ hybrid 803. It is a NuSun hybrid that is resistant to all prevalent U.S. races of downy mildew. This hybrid is very early in maturity with very good oil content and yield that is very fast maturing and a larger size seed for easier planting.

378 DMR,NS – Another limited release hybrid in 2006, this mid to late maturing NuSun hybrid is resistant to all prevalent U.S. races of downy mildew. This one also offers a diversity of marketing options as it will work for the NuSun, dehull and birdseed markets. Very large seed size along with excellent yield, oil, and late season plant health. It is the NuSun version of 378 DMR,HO

Dahlgren Hybrids Include Additional D-9541

Dahlgren & Company will have additional seed available of D-9541, a confection sunflower hybrid available new to confection growers in 2006. D-9541 is a new generation, early-maturing confection variety with excellent seed size and stalk disease resistance.

Dekalb Releases Include DM/CL Hybrid

DKF37-31NS is a widely adapted, medium maturity NuSun that has ranked among the best university trials. Performance of 37-31 in 2006 has again been exceptional. A good disease package, excellent standability and oil content along with an oil profile with strong oleic levels makes this a top notch sunflower hybrid.

DKF38-45NS is a medium/full season maturity NuSun product that was recently added to the Dekalb sunflower portfolio. Adapted to the southern fringe of North Dakota, South Dakota and the High Plains, this hybrid combines and excellent disease package (nice tolerance to rust) and strong yield potential.

New early NS/CL/DM (Variety designation yet to be determined). Limited supplies of an early maturity, downy mildew resistant variety with Clearfield herbicide technology will be introduced in 2007. Expect DM resistance similar to other DK varieties (DK 29-90, DKF 35-10, DKF 39-01).

Dyna-Gro Releasing Six New hybrids

Dyna-Gro, affiliated with UAP, will offer six yet unnamed new hybrids in 2007 with the following characteristics. Contact your local dealer for more details.

• Early NuSun with downy mildew resistance

• Medium late NuSun hybrid for S.D. and High Plains

• Medium NuSun/Clearfield for N.D. and northern S.D.

• Medium late NuSun/Clearfield for southern N.D., S.D., and High Plains

• Early high oleic with downy mildew tolerance

• Medium high oleic

Garst Seed Company

4651NS (97 days to physiological maturity/DPM) is a new early season NuSun hybrid with top-end yields. This medium tall plant boasts excellent standability, and offers a great disease package.

4668NS/CL (97 DPM) is a new early season Clearfield NuSun with a first-rate agronomic package. This hybrid offers a higher yield and oil than most Clearfield hybrids. A great option for the dehull market.

4420NS (102 DPM) is a new full season NuSun hybrid offering excellent rust resistance. With strong stalks and roots, this hybrid has been a top performer in university trials. A go-to product for early planting.

4665HO (97 DPM) is a new early-mid season high-oleic hybrid with a superb agronomic package. A medium tall hybrid with good stalk strength, 4665HO can be adapted from north to south.

4596HO (99 DPM) is a new mid season high yielding high-oleic hybrid. This widely adapted hybrid provides very good dry-down and drought tolerance.

Interstate Seed Adds Two New Hybrids

IS5770NS/DM is a new 96 day sunflower hybrid with resistance to downy mildew. This is an attractive hybrid with an excellent disease package and top end yield potential. Well adapted to the southern half of ND with high yield potential.

IS 5880 NS/CL will be reintroduced in 2007 due to limited seed available in 2006. This is a medium season NuSun/Clearfield product with a very good disease package and standability, plus the advantage of the Clearfield system for residual weed control. A good supply of seed will be available for the 2007 season.

New early NS/CL/DM (Variety designation yet to be determined). Limited supplies of an early maturity, downy mildew resistant variety with Clearfield herbicide technology will be introduced in 2007.

Legend Introducing Clearfield NuSun Dehuller

LSF 223NCL has the latest Clearfield-NuSun technology. It is a medium tall plant that will be suitable for the dehulling market. It has a strong stalk and neck and has great resistance to lodging. It is also resistant to the newest races of downy mildew.

Along with its own products, Legend also has a new agreement with Triumph Seed Co of Ralls, Texas, to distribute Triumph hybrids.

Mycogen Seeds Introduces Five New Hybrids

The NuSun® mid-oleic version of SF270, 8N270 is a hybrid well suited for NuSun oil, bird food and hulling markets. It features similar appearance, plant health and oil content to SF270, only now growers will have access to the NuSun market.

8N337DM is an early season hybrid which provides growers with outstanding oil content. This hybrid has good yield capability and offers resistance to all current races of downy mildew. 8N337DM is ideally suited for the northern growing area.

8N462DM is a mid- to full-season sunflower hybrid. It features very high oil content, as well as excellent yield potential and the ability to move well from north to south.

A full-season, single-cross hybrid, 8N520DM has a reduced height, very good stalks and very good roots. This hybrid is a downy mildew-resistant version of the popular 8N510.

Featuring excellent yield potential, 8C482 is a full-season confection with superior seed size and seed color and is well suited for the in-shell market.

Pannar Portfolio Includes High Rust Tolerant Hybrids

New hybrids from Pannar:

7813NS – This mid-season maturing hybrid boast high oil content superb standability and drydown. The 7813 NS is an Industry leader for Rust Tolerance in the Dakotas.

7924NS – With the NuSun characteristics, the 7924 is an attractive medium to medium tall flower that exhibits a high resistance to Verticillium and Sclerotinia.

Industry leader for Rust Tolerance in the Dakotas.

7568 – This outstanding conventional flower is a great companion to our popular high yielding 9501 sunflower hybrid. The 7568 matures mid to full season and demonstrates very good oil content and can be used for the dehull market.

Pioneer Unveiling Hybrid with ExpressSun™ Herbicide Tolerant Trait

Pioneer will release a new full-season sunflower hybrid containing the DuPont™ ExpressSun™ herbicide tolerant trait in 2007. The new hybrid, not yet named, is a mid-oleic hybrid bred for the NuSun oil market with high yield, high oil content, and agronomic stability. Key traits include strong stalks, roots, and good tolerance to head Sclerotinia and phomopsis.

DuPont and Pioneer earlier this year announced the introduction of the first sulfonylurea (SU)-tolerant sunflower hybrids in Europe, derived through traditional plant-breeding methods. A herbicide-tolerant trait, proprietary to DuPont, was integrated into the germplasm of Pioneer sunflower hybrids.

Proseed E-85: High Oleic with High DM Resistance

Proseed is promoting seven hybrids for 2007, with two varieties resistant to all forms of downy mildew. E-85 (E-1) is an early high yield DMR high oleic hybrid with excellent oil and oleic content. It has a high tolerance to phomopsis and phoma with strong stalk strength. E-4 is a mid early variety DMR with oleic and oil not quite as high as E-85, but with similar tolerance to phomopsis and phoma and spectacular yield potential.

Red River 2007 Sunflower Hybrids

Among the hybrids Red River Commodities will offer in 2007 are two new products, 2217 and 2218, available for testing only. Both hybrids provide the high quality in-shell sought in many markets throughout the world. Limited quantities of 2214 will be available; it is a consistent producer for the northern growing regions.

Seeds 2000 Unveils New Confection, Panther DMR

Seeds 2000 will be introducing one new confection hybrid for 2007 planting, along with larger volumes of four hybrids introduced in limited quantities in 2006:

Panther DMR is the first confection sunflower hybrid introduced to the market with genetic resistance to all known races of downy mildew. Panther DMR, like Panther, is an early maturing, uniform, single cross hybrid that produces the long, large, dark seeds preferred by processors with the added benefit of genetic downy mildew resistance.

Jaguar is the first Clearfield confection hybrid available from Seeds 2000 to the industry. It is an early maturing hybrid that produces the large, long, dark seed preferred by processors.

Panther is an early maturing, high yielding, and uniform single cross hybrid. It produces the large, long, dark seed preferred by processors for the in-shell market.

Sierra is a high yielding, high oil content high oleic hybrid. The excellent seed set and center fill of Sierra, in combination with very good disease tolerance and late season plant health, contributes to top end yield potential.

Barracuda is a full-season high yielding, high oil content Clearfield hybrid with NuSun quality. It maintains excellent end-of-season plant health, which contributes to its high yield potential and above average test weight.

Triumph Introducing Four New Hybrids

847HO is a high oleic hybrid that offers excellent yield potential and sound uniformity. This hybrid is best suited to South Dakota and all areas south.

855HO is a full season hybrid that combines reliable yields with very good high oleic content and low saturate levels. 855HO also has a high oil content.

s678 is a short stature (44”to 48” tall) NuSun hybrid offering very good oil content and plant health. This hybrid has very good test weight and exhibits turned down heads with very closed bracts that allow for improved bird resistance. This hybrid also has good field tolerance to rust.

Also, in 2007, look for a new (yet to be named) high oleic/Clearfield hybrid. This hybrid will be conventional height with exceptional tolerance to rust.

– compiled by Tracy Sayler

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