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The 2006 Sunflower Hybrids

Tuesday, November 15, 2005
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Croplan Genetics offering diverse portfolio for ‘06

Among the hybrid portfolio offered by Croplan Genetics for 2006 are four hybrids resistant to downy mildew, as well as several hybrids (still under review before commercial release, thus not listed) that are among the best tested both in 2004 and 2005 for Sclerotinia tolerance.

3080 DMR,NS – A very early NuSun hybrid that is resistant to all prevalent races of downy mildew. Great oil, test weight and yield. Oil on this hybrid has made 49% plus in NDSU trials. A must plant sunflower hybrid in the Minot, N.D. area.

343 DMR,HO – An early to mid maturity high oleic hybrid that is resistant to all prevalent races of downy mildew. This hybrid has very good oleic oil as well as a high yield and oil content.

378 DMR,HO – This mid to late maturing high oleic hybrid is resistant to all prevalent races of downy mildew. This one also offers a diversity of marketing options as it will work for the high oleic, dehull and birdseed markets. Very large seed size along with yield and oil.

803 DMR – This is the downy mildew version of the old ‘die-hard’ hybrid 803. It is a traditional oil hybrid that is resistant to all prevalent races of downy mildew. This hybrid is very early in maturity with very good oil content and yield and is very fast maturing.

130 – This is our new confection hybrid that will complement our 135 confection. It is a very early hybrid that has a nice seed size, shape and color that the processors like. It is the earliest confection on the market that has good seed size along with reduced height.

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Dahlgren adds several new hybrids, expands two others

Dahlgren & Company has added D-9541, a new confection sunflower hybrid available to confection growers in 2006 along with an increased availability of D-9531 and D-9533, two confection hybrids that were available in 2005 in limited supply.

D-9541 is a new generation, early-maturing confection variety with excellent seed size and stock disease resistance.

Dahlgren & Company will also be introducing DO-4440, a new oil sunflower hybrid to the market in 2006. DO-4440 is a mid maturing NuSun black oil hybrid with high oil content, exceptional seed size, and improved hull ability for the oil hulling market.

The company indicates that seed size, yield, and standability in confection hybrid varieties will be key factors when selecting confection varieties for 2006. Market versatility will again be important in oil variety selection.

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Dekalb to offer hybrids with downy mildew resistance, high agronomic performance

DKF35-10NS is a medium maturity NuSun product with an excellent disease package, including resistance to downy mildew.

DKF35-10 also has strong agronomic performance including high yield potential and fast drydown. This attractive hybrid has an excellent oil profile with strong oleic levels.

DKF30-33 NS is an early maturity NuSun with fast drydown, excellent standability and yield potential. DKF 30-33 also offers excellent plant health and resistance to downy mildew.

DKF33-33 is a medium early maturity NuSun offering excellent oil content, test weight and yield potential. DKF33-33 offers a strong agronomic package including downy mildew resistance.

DKF39-01 is a full season traditional oil product that produces high yield potential and strong oil content. DKF39-01 has excellent standability as well as resistance to downy mildew.

DKF38-30NS is a full season NuSun that has shown excellent yield potential with a strong oil profile. DKS38-30 is medium full-season product and performs well across environments with excellent drought tolerance and fast drydown.

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Garst adds three new hybrids

Garst introduces three new sunflower products for 2006, as well as 10 additional sunflower hybrids to accompany these new products.

6111 (93 DPM) is a new early traditional oil-type hybrid. It is a short statured, high performing product with great agronomics.

4682NS/CL (95 DPM) is a new medium-short NuSun hybrid that flowers early. A great disease package is coupled with Clearfield technology for those hard to control weeds.

4690NS (95 DPM) is a new multi-use NuSun hybrid with large, plump seeds that are excellent for the de-hull market. An excellent all-around hybrid.

Garst offers a strong product lineup to accompany these new hybrids:

Traditional Hybrids: 6039 (96 DPM) and 4049 (98 DPM)

NuSun Hybrids: 511 (94 DPM), 521 (96 DPM), 4707NS (97 DPM), 4880NS/CL (98 DPM), 424 (99 DPM), 450 (102 DPM), 454 (102 DPM)

Confection Hybrid: 8048 (100 DPM)

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IntegraSeed Ltd. To bring several new hybrids to market in ‘06

•(New hybrid not yet named at this writing): New triple stack Clearfield/Nusun/Dehull hybrid. This hybrid features Clearfield technology and produces an attractive large seed for the dehull market. Uniform crop with very good agronomics, 98 day RM.

•(New hybrid not yet named at this writing): Excellent mid-season high oleic hybrid for North Dakota. Oleic levels average 85-88 %. This hybrid provides strong agronomics, excellent disease resistance and high yield potential.

•INT735NS/CL: Features Clearfield technology in a medium-early hybrid with very good yield for maturity across environments and is broadly adapted for North Dakota. Solid oil content with excellent drydown and standability. INT735NS/CL is multi-race downy mildew resistant.

•INT 432: Superior early season hybrid with excellent seed and oil yields. Produces an attractive large-plump seed, great choice for dehull market. Oil content averages about 48.5% and has been as high as 53%. Impressive agronomics, short in height with tremendous drought tolerance.

•INT855NS: Versatile 97 day RM dehull hybrid that provides market options for producers. Developed to consistently deliver large seed for dehull markets along with excellent mid-oleic content for crush markets. Multi-race resistant to downy mildew. Excellent neck and stalk strength.

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Interstate Seed to add two new sunflower products in 2006

IS 5880 NS/CL is a medium to full season Nusun/Clearfield product. This hybrid offers a very good disease package and standability, plus the advantage of the Clearfield system for residual weed control. Limited seed will be available for the 2006 season.

IS 4668 NS/CL is a medium season Nusun/Clearfield product with large seeds for dehulling potential. Stable oleic levels, excellent yields and resistance to prevalent races of Downy Mildew are key features of this hybrid. Limited seed will be available for the 2006 season.

HyOleic 120 a specialty high oleic product continues to deliver consistently stable oil profiles. HyOleic 120 is a full season hybrid with excellent yield potential, standability and disease package. This product is sold on the basis of a Cargill Specialty Oil Contract.

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Kaystar Seed

Kaystar Seed Inc., a member of the Pannar Group, will include the following in its menu of hybrids for sunflower growers next season:

8550NS/CL – Our new introduction of a NuSun Clearfield trait sunflower. 8550NS/CL is an attractive, medium tall, 68-71 days to flower, with very good standability and drydown. Sclerotinia resistance is above average.

8330NS – A proven performer, this hybrid has great record as a de-hull hybrid and also carries the NuSun characteristics. 8330NS is medium short, has a 62-67 day flowering rating, with very good standability and drydown. Sclerotinia resistance is above average and the oil content is above average.

2015NS- Kaystar’s earliest NuSun hybrid is well adapted to northern and central plains environments with medium short stature, 60-65 days to flower, with very good standability. 2015NS has exhibited very high oil content, with very stable oleic levels, providing for a high quality end product.

9501- Outstanding total oil yield and harvested pounds/ acre potential, 9501 can be planted from I-94 in North Dakota to Texas. This hybrid is medium tall, 70-73 days to flower, with good standability and drydown.

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Legend Seeds to offer diverse sunflower portfolio

Three hybrids to be offered in 2006 from the Legend Seeds portfolio:

LSF 121N – new last year, this is an early-medium (about 69 days to flowering) with a medium-short plant stature (about 60” in plant height) and strong stalks with excellent standability. Large plump seeds make this a dual-purpose hybrid suitable for oil, hulling or birdseed. This hybrid also has quick drydown in the fall. Late-season plant health is very good, and oil content is about 46%.

LSF 115N – a very early NuSun that has good adaptability up to the Canadian border. It has a high oil content (about 48.2%) stands about 59 inches, has very good late season health, and takes about 66 days to flowering. Disease resistance and standability are above average.

LSF 218NCL – an early-medium widely adapted Clearfield NuSun, with good yielding ability, a good disease package and resistance to lodging.

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Mycogen Seeds introducing eight new sunflower hybrids for ’06,

including Clearfield high oleic

Mycogen Seeds will have eight new sunflower hybrids available for the 2006 growing season. Most of these hybrids will feature technologies including Clearfield herbicide technology and Cruiser DM Pak to help growers manage their crop. In addition, Mycogen Seeds will have good supplies of top performing hybrids from last year.

Nexera® 8H288DM is an early-oleic hybrid that carries downy mildew resistance to all current known races of downy mildew in the U.S. It has very high oil content along with good yield potential, and has good agronomic characteristics that allow for good production and harvest opportunities.

Nexera 8H350DM is a medium maturity hybrid and is the downy mildew resistant version of our popular 7350 oleic hybrid. It is resistant to all current races of downy mildew in the U.S. It has the same high yield and high oil characteristics that growers have become accustomed to with 7350.

Nexera 8H419CL is a medium-full maturity hybrid. It has very good yield potential and good agronomic traits. 8H419CL has good oleic levels and average oil content. This oleic hybrid is the first high-oleic that offers Clearfield herbicide technology. This provides growers with the opportunity to manage weed concerns that until now, were not available in the oleic market.

8N386CL is a medium-full maturity NuSun™ Clearfield hybrid that has good NuSun oil properties along with average oil content. This hybrid features very good plant health and excellent stalk and root qualities. 8N386CL offers CLEARFIELD herbicide technology, allowing growers to handle tough weed problems while maintaining good seed test weight and oil content properties.

8N453DM is the downy mildew version of our popular 8N352. This hybrid features the same high yield and very high oil traits of 8N352, but is resistant to all current races of downy mildew currently in the U.S. 8N453DM is a medium full maturity product that is best suited for early planting in the north and allows for full production opportunities in more southern areas.

8N337DM is an early downy mildew resistant version of our popular 8N327. Growers can expect the same performance and very high oil content along with resistance to all current known races of downy mildew in the U.S. 8N337DM is ideally suited for the northern growing area.

8N270 is the NuSun version of our very popular SF270. It will have the same yield potential, appearance and performance of what growers have experienced with SF270, only they will now have access to the NuSun market with this popular hybrid.

8N272 is a modified NuSun version of SF270. It will have slightly different appearance from SF270 however, there may be some yield and hulling characteristics that are improved from SF270. It is still very early season and we are optimistic that it may have better yield performance and hulling characteristics when compared to SF270.

8C481 is a new medium to medium full confection hybrid that has excellent seed quality, size and yield potential. This hybrid allows growers to produce a product that the confection industry will appreciate for its seed color and seed size. 8C481 has good emergence and good overall agronomic traits.

Hybrids with good disease tolerance among Pioneer sunflower hybrid line-up

Pioneer® hybrid 64H41 is a new hybrid for the high oleic market. 64H41 has excellent yield potential, test weight and oil quality. It also has excellent production stability due to very good root and stalk strength, industry-leading tolerance to head Sclerotinia, and resistance to downy mildew races 1-4.

Pioneer hybrid 63M91 is a mid-oleic hybrid bred for the NuSun1 oil market. 63M91 is a full-season hybrid with high yield, good stalk and root strength, and good head Sclerotinia tolerance. It is also resistant to the predominant races of rust.

Pioneer hybrid 63M80 is a full-season, mid-oleic hybrid bred for the NuSun oil market with a proven history of high yield, high oil content, and agronomic stability. 63M80 has also been widely used in the de-hulling market. Key traits include strong stalks, roots, and good tolerance to head Sclerotinia and phomopsis.

Pioneer hybrid 63M02 is a very early maturity hybrid with high yield and test weight and high oil content. Agronomic package includes favorable root and stalk strength, head sclerotinia tolerance, and phomopsis tolerance. 63M02 is also a mid-oleic hybrid bred for the NuSun oil market.

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Proseed introducing three new hybrids

Proseed is introducing three new varieties for 2006. Two of the varieties are resistant to all forms of downy mildew. These are unnamed varieties that are in trials as E-1 and E-4.

E-1 is an early hybrid with excellent oil and oleic content. It has a high tolerance to phomopsis and phoma with strong stalk strength.

E-4 is a mid early variety with oleic and oil not quite as high as E-1, but with similar tolerance to phomopsis and phoma.

E-3 is a mid early variety that has some resistance to downy mildew but not all races. It has a good disease package and good oleic content.

“We continue to have in our sunflower line-up 9405 that has some tolerance to sclerotina and 9441, one of the earliest NuSuns on the market,” says Keith Peltier, president of Proseed. “We also have a Clearfield variety in CL 55-15, one of the earliest Clearfield hybrids in the market.”

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Red River Commodities to offer long-type, Clearfield

Red River Commodities will have a larger supply of Red River 2215 available in 2006. It is a long-type confection with good stalk strength that does well in the northern areas. The company will also have some Clearfield hybrid seed available to growers in 2006.

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Seeds 2000 expects strong interest in Clearfield, Downy Mildew Resistant Hybrids

Seeds 2000 will be introducing four new sunflower hybrids for 2006 planting, along with larger volumes of several hybrids introduced in limited quantities in 2005.

Barracuda is a full-season high yielding, high oil content Clearfield hybrid with NuSun quality. It maintains excellent end-of-season plant health, which contributes to its high yield potential and above average test weight.

Jaguar is the first Clearfield confection hybrid available from Seeds 2000 to the industry. It is an early maturing hybrid that produces the large, long, dark seed preferred by processors.

Sierra is a high yielding, high oil content high oleic hybrid. The excellent seed set and center fill of Sierra, in combination with very good disease tolerance and late season plant health, contributes to top end yield potential.

Panther is an early maturing, high yielding, and uniform single cross hybrid. It produces the large, long, dark seed preferred by processors for the in-shell market.

Seeds 2000’s Steve Kent suggests two hybrids introduced in 2005 with genetic resistance to downy mildew, Defender Plus and Defender HO, will continue to be in high demand for 2006 planting.

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Several confections among Triumph hybrid releases

With a research program uniquely based on the High Plains of Texas, Triumph offers hybrids that are well suited to Central U.S. growing conditions. Triumph remains an independently-owned company with a dedicated sunflower research department.

Having marketed the industry’s first NuSun hybrid in 1996, and the industry’s first short stature NuSun hybrid in 2003, Triumph continues as a leader in proven sunflower products.

845HO is a high oleic sunflower that offers good yield potential and steady, high oleic content. This medium maturity hybrid exhibits sound uniformity. This hybrid is well adapted from South Dakota to Texas.

For confection growers, new releases to consider include 767C and 717CLS.

767C is a 95-105 day confection that produces a large, dark seed with very good yield potential. 767C is a bit shorter and earlier maturing confection hybrid, which exhibits good rust tolerance for a confection hybrid.

717CLS is a 100-110 day long- seeded confection. With good yield potential and a full season maturity, this hybrid producers longer seed with very good seed width.

In addition to these new products, Triumph also offers a proven line of NuSun, short stature NuSun, traditional oil, high oleic, NuSun/Clearfield, traditional confection and long-seeded confection hybrids. Triumph sunflowers are offered with Cruiser seed treatment.

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Dyna-Gro/UAP to offer three new high oleic hybrids

Dyna-Gro and UAP are teaming up to offer three new high oleic sunflower hybrids for 2006. 97H06 is a medium maturity hybrid, 98H06 is a medium full, and 92H06 is a medium early. Max Dietrich with UAP encourages growers to contact their local Dyna-Gro sunflower dealer for more information about these high oleic sunflower hybrids.

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