Basic Instructions for Uploading NSA Forum Papers

TO BEGIN, click the ‘add’ icon in the line that reads: “add a new paper.” Complete the fields as directed on the new page and save your information. You will then be returned to the main welcome page where the title of your paper will be displayed. Next to it will be buttons to click if you need to edit your paper information (such as adding or editing keywords), delete the paper altogether, or do the actual uploading of the document.

IMPORTANT: Do not upload your research document without adding the author information.

TO ADD INFORMATION ABOUT AN AUTHOR, click on the ‘add’ button in the line that reads: “add a new author.” Complete the fields as directed and save your information after which you will be returned to the main welcome page. The author’s name will appear with buttons to the side if you need to edit the information or delete the author altogether.

Note: If there is more than one author for a report, click ‘add a new author’ as many times as needed to add information pertaining to each of the authors.

TO UPLOAD YOUR DOCUMENT, click the ‘upload’ button to the right of your paper’s title. On the new page, click the ‘browse’ button to find your document located on your computer or floppy disk. When you have found your document, double-click on its title and the document name should appear in the box on the screen. Click the ‘save’ button to begin the uploading process. Depending upon the size of your document and the type of connection you have (modem, DSL, T1), the speed of the uploading process varies which means it could take just a few seconds or even minutes for the file to be uploaded.

Once the file has been successfully received by the server, you will be returned to the main welcome page. There you will see in italics, “Word Document Uploaded.”

Congratulations, you are done! Log out by clicking on the words, “Log Out” located at the top right-hand corner or bottom right-hand corner of the page. Within a few short days, your document will be formatted into a PDF and placed on the NSA web site.

If you encounter problems, log out. You will then be at the main login page where you entered your User ID and Password. In the boxed area, there is a link that reads, “If you have questions or problems, click here.” Describe in the e-mail message the problems you are encountering. Assistance will be forthcoming as soon as possible.

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