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Elevator and Production Plant

Please review the list of elevators near you buying NuSun sunflower. If your elevator is not on the list and should be, contact the NSA at 888-718-7033.

Colorado  Kansas  Minnesota  North Dakota
Nebraska  Oklahoma  South Dakota  Texas
City, State Elevator Phone
Adams, ND AGP Grain Ltd 701-944-2206
Alsen, ND Alsen Farmers Elevator 701-682-5156
Anamoose, ND Harvey Farmers 701-465-3203
Arthur, ND Arthur Companies Inc. 701-967-8312
Beach, ND Beach Coop Grain 701-872-3761
Berlin, ND Berlin Farmers Elevator 701-883-5347
Berthold, ND Berthold Farmers Elevator Co 701-453-3431
Beulah, ND Modern Grain 701-873-4413
Bismarck, ND Hubbard Feeds Inc 701-223-4065
Bordulac, ND Kensal Farmers 701-652-2045
Bottineau, ND Bottineau Farmers Elevator 701-228-2263
Bowman, ND Bowman Grain Inc. 701-523-3173
Bremen, ND Bremen Elevator Co 701-947-5966
Brocket, ND Brocket Equity Elevator 701-655-3551
Carrington, ND Barlow Grain & Stock Exchange 701-984-2617
Churchs Ferry, ND B T R Farmers Coop 701-466-2281
Cleveland, ND Prairie Cooperative Elevator 701-763-6264
Crete, ND Crete Grain Company 701-753-7191
Dahlen, ND Dahlen Farmers Elevator & Oil Co 701-384-6144
Devils Lake, ND Peavey Grain 701-662-4984
Doyon, ND Tronson Grain Co - Doyon 701-398-3512
Drake, ND Dakota Midland Grain LLC 701-338-2530
Edgeley, ND Farmers Union Grain Co Of Edgeley 701-493-2481
Edinburg, ND Edinburg Farmers Elevator 701-993-8421
Eldridge, ND Klose Farmers Elevator Co 701-763-6147
Ellendale, ND South Dakota Wheat Growers 701-349-5316
Emerado, ND Farmers Coop Elevator 701-594-8548
Fairmount, ND Lamars Coop Elevator Co 701-474-5976
Fessenden, ND Fessenden Farmers Elev. 701-547-3574
Fordville, ND Fordville Coop Marketing Assn 701-229-3293
Fullerton, ND Fullerton Farmers Elevator 701-375-7251
Gackle, ND Gackle Grain 701-485-3571
Galesburg, ND Galesburg Coop Elevator 701-488-2216
Garske, ND Garske Elevator Co. 701-395-4334
Glen Ullin, ND Circle K 701-348-3606
Grafton, ND Grafton Farmers Coop Grain Co 701-352-0461
Gwinner, ND Gwinner Farmers Elevator Co 701-678-2468
Hague, ND South Central Grain Cooperative 701-336-4673
Harvey, ND Harvey Farmers Elevator 701-324-2248
Hebron, ND Hebron Farmers Elevator Co 701-878-4462
Hebron, ND Modern Grain 701-878-4525
Hickson, ND Hickson Grain Co 701-588-4281
Honeyford, ND Farmers Elevator Co. 701-869-2466
Hope, ND Hope Farmers Elevator Co 701-945-2716
Hunter, ND Hunter Grain Company 701-874-2112
Kensal, ND Kensal Farmers 701-435-2451
Lamoure, ND Larson Grain Co 701-883-5201
Lamoure, ND Lamoure Farmers Union Grain Co 701-883-5248
Lankin, ND Lankin Farmers Grain Co 701-593-6336
Lidgerwood, ND Farmers Coop Elevator 701-538-4551
Luverne, ND Luverne Farmers Coop Elevator Co 701-769-2107
Lynchburg, ND Chaffee Lynchburg Farmers 701-347-5487
Marion, ND Marion Equity Elevator 701-669-2253
Martin, ND Farmers Elevator Co 701-693-2225
Milton, ND CHS Inc. 701-496-3141
Minot, ND Sunprairie Grain 701-852-1429
Minot, ND Cargill Inc 701-852-1217
Minot, ND Minot Farmers Elevator 701-838-2017
Munich, ND Munich Elevator & Oil Co 701-682-5224
Napoleon, ND South Central Grain Cooperative 701-754-2573
Nekoma, ND Nekoma Farmers Coop Elevator Co 701-949-2722
Newburg, ND Souris River Grain Cooperative 701-272-6114
Northwood, ND Northwood Equity Elevator 701-587-5291
Oakes, ND South Dakota Wheat Growers 701-742-3363
Overly, ND Overly Coop Elevator Co. 701-366-4562
Page, ND Benson Quinn Page Elevator 701-668-2203
Petersburg, ND Dahlen Farmers 701-384-6144
Pingree, ND Pingree Elevator 701-252-6510
Reynolds, ND Reynolds United Coop 701-847-2261
Rogers, ND ADM Benson Quinn Co 701-646-6000
Russal, ND Souris River Grain Coop 701-272-6114
Selfridge, ND Hepper Grain Co. 701-422-3351
Selz, ND Selz Grain and Supply 701-324-4067
Sheldon, ND Sheldon Farmers Elevator 701-882-3236
Southam, ND Southam Elevator Co. 701-398-3311
Steele, ND Steele Farmers Elevator 701-475-2334
Strasburg, ND Strasburg Farmers 701-336-7224
Sykeston, ND Miller Elevator Co 701-984-2489
Thompson, ND Thompson Farmers Coop Elev 701-599-2740
Tolna, ND Tronson Grain 701-262-4242
Turtle Lake, ND Equity Elevator & Trading Co. 701-448-2461
Tuttle, ND Tuttle Farmers Elevator 701-867-2559
Underwood, ND Benson Quinn Co 701-442-3204
Voltair, ND Dakota Midland Grain LLC 701-338-2530
Wahlam, ND Miller Elevator 701-769-2145
Walhalla, ND Farmers Elevator Co 701-549-3210
Washburn, ND Falkirk Farmers Elevator Co 701-462-8574
Wishek, ND Farmers Elevator Inc. 701-452-2516
Woodworth, ND Woodworth Farmers Grain Co 701-752-4143
Wyndmere, ND Wyndmere Farmers Elevator 701-439-2252
Ypsilanti, ND Ypsilanti Equity Elevator Co 701-489-3379

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