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Click on any of the images to see a larger view. Another window will open containing the image so you can then download the photo.

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 Pollinating time

Name: Pollinating time
Description: Honey bee pollinating a sunflower in the R5.2 growth stage.
ID Name: SUN132
Size: 227K

New Bloom

Name: New Bloom
Description: This sunflower is just beginning to bloom
ID Name: SUN174
Size: 171K

Profile of sunflower head

Name: Profile of sunflower head
Description: Profile of sunflower head with vibrant petals.
ID Name: SUN110407j
Size: 141K

Single Bloom

Name: Single Bloom
Description: This is a sunflower in full bloom. If you look closely you can see a bee on the sunflower head
ID Name: SUN172
Size: 249K

Single Bloom on Black

Name: Single Bloom on Black
Description: A single blooming sunflower on a black background
ID Name: SUN153
Size: 225K

Single bloom with sunset.

Name: Single bloom with sunset.
Description: Closeup of single bloom with sunset in background.
ID Name: SUN110407g
Size: 70K

Single Flower & Blue Sky

Name: Single Flower & Blue Sky
Description: Single sunflower with a blue sky for a background
ID Name: SUN179
Size: 274K

Single SF on White

Name: Single SF on White
Description: Single sunflower on a white background with no leaves
ID Name: SUN161
Size: 130K

Sunflower on White

Name: Sunflower on White
Description: Sunflower head on a white background
ID Name: SUN159
Size: 243K

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