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Sunflower Rust
8/6/2014: Environmental conditions have been very favorable for rust development, making disease development likely. (more)

Producers Should be Scouting for Red Seed Weevil
8/4/2014: This is the most common damaging insect group on flowering sunflower. The red seed weevil is the more common of the two weevils. Both are easy to scout, identify and control. ... (more)

Keep Scouting For Insects
7/31/2014 Producers should be on the lookout for sunflower moths and banded sunflower moths. (more)
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The Sunflower Magazine Online
7/25/2014 Sign up to receive latest issue of The Sunflower electronically. (more)

Sunflower Highlights
8/18/2014 The collapse in world vegetable oil prices led by lower palm oil futures offered resistance to CBoT soyoil values last week. (more)

2015 NSA Research Forum
7/18/2014 Make your reservations now to attend the 2015 NSA Research Forum January 7-8, 2015 in Fargo, ND. (more)