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You Are Here Sunflower Statistics > Non-Oil Crop Usage

Non-Oil Crop Usage
NSA Industry Report
July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013
      Lbs. % of crop usage  
Seed produced for oil (linoleic, NuSun, High-Oleic hybrid varieties inclusive):     2,399,910,000 86.2% (1)
Seed produced for non-oil use (confection, Striped, In shell varieties inclusive):     385,785,000 13.8% (1)
    Total 2,785,695,000 100% (1)
Non-Oil Use Breakout          
Inshell seeds     181,070,175 (2)  
  2011 Carry in crop volume   61,728,800 (3)  
  Exported   157,440,848 (4)  
  Domestic Consumed roasted/salted/flavored   66,228,618 (2)  
  Domestic Consumed Raw   223,750 (2)  
Kernel     97,499,325 (2)  
  2011 Carry in crop volume   68,342,600 (3)  
  Exported   26,923,457 (4)  
  Domestic consumed roasted/heat treated   73,744,121 (2)  
  Domestic Consumed Raw   3,262,240 (2)  
Non-Human Consumed raw by birds and animals or used as a bio-fuel.   107,215,500 (2)  
Total consumed raw by humans    

Percentage of total sunflower crop consumed raw by humans     0.1%    
1. USDA Quick Statistics          
2. NSA Confection Processor Audit          
3. NSA Supply/Demand analysis          
4. US Census Bureau          
NSA Confection Processor List represents an estimated 98% of the total domestic human food use:          

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