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Sunflower Magazine

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Avoiding Carryover Issues December 2014
Management of Palmer Amaranth, Resistant Kochia March 2014
Keeping the PA* on PA** February 2013
Tips For Weed Control in the Northern Plains February 2012
Tips For Weed Control in the Southern Plains February 2012
Broadaxe — A Promising New Sunflower Herbicide December 2011
Taking a Bite Out of Palmer Amaranth November 2010
Report Details N.D. Pesticide Use April 2010
Cranking Up the Heat April 2010
Rotation Bolsters S.D. Broadleaf Management February 2010
What's Available for 2010 February 2010
Weed Supplement February 2010
Storms & Stewardship February 2010
Good Stewardship Also Key with ExpressSun February 2010
Spartan: The Workhorse Herbicide February 2010
Palmer Amaranth Flexing Its Muscle February 2010
Other Soil-Incorporated Herbicides Still Needed February 2010
Avoiding Crop Injury When Using ‘Assert’ February 2010
ExpressSun Option Pays for N.D. Growers in 2007 February 2008
Fall Prime Time to Whack Weeds September 2007
ExpressSun™ Hits the Fields April 2007
Consider Yellowing a Temporary ‘Flash’ February 2007
2006 Weed Control Notebook April 2006
Using Reduced Rates of Spartan April 2006
Manage Wild Sunflower in Clearfield™ Sunflower December 2005
10 Weed Control Tips for Sunflower April 2005
Stretching Spartan February 2005
The Antidote for Marshelder January 2005
Clearfield a Good Fit for First-Time KS User December 2004
2005 Spartan Supply in Doubt November 2004
Fall Weed Control September 2004
Start with a Clean Slate April 2004
Full Spartan Label to Allow Fall Application September 2003
Fall Good Time to Torpedo Perennial Weeds September 2003
Managing Sunflower Pests in 2003 April 2003
Weed’em Out Early April 2003
Full Spartan Label to Allow Fall Application December 2002
Getting the Jump on ’03 Weed Control September 2002
Managing Weeds and Other Sunflower Pests in 2002 April 2002
Crop Sequence Calculator Version 2.0 Available February 2002
What Were Your Weeds, and Where Were They? December 2001
Weed Control in Sunflower Starts Now! September 2001
Winning The Weed War April 2001
Paired Row Planting Improves Weed Control February 2001
Spartan and The Crop Injury Issue March 2000
Finally, A Broadleaf Herbicide for No-Till February 2000
Cocklebur April 1999
Weeds - Diseases - Insects April 1999
'Shallow Ridge-Till' February 1998
What Growers Say January 1998
Clean-Up Act December 1997
Surface Applications Of Granular Herbicide August 1997
Hoods for 'Flowers April 1997
Wild Opportunity April 1997
Weapons Search February 1997
Granules in No-Till Sunflower April 1996
Herbicide Residue Carryover February 1996

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