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Sunflower Magazine

Planting Systems
Choose an article below by clicking on a title or go back to the categories. To search the archives and other pages on the site, use the Google Search feature located in the box at the bottom left of the page.

Setting the Stage for Success November 2015
Row-Crop Planter or Air Seeder? November 2015
Caretaker of the Soil April 2013
Calibrating for Top Planter Performance February 2013
Variable-Rate Seeding Shines January 2013
Seeing Double — And Liking It December 2012
South Dakotans Like Coated Seed Results December 2012
Clearfield Plus Poised to Replace Clearfield September 2012
Planting in 60” Rows December 2011
Sunflower in the Southeast December 2011
Sunflower Row Direction March 2011
Optimizing Your Seed Placement March 2011
Air Seeders & Sunflower March 2011
Double-Cropped ’Flowers January 2011
Air Seeder, Planter Or Both? December 2010
Confection Planting Seed Minus a Hull? December 2010
Double-Crop Success in the High Plains February 2010
S.E. Kansas Double-Crop Trials: ’08 & ’09 Results February 2010
KSU Double-Crop Sunflower Budget February 2010
Optimizing Seed Placement January 2010
Organic Production Satisfying & Profitable November 2009
High Oil Content Always a Big Plus April 2009
Putting Planters to the Test February 2009
Planter Performance & Confection Sunflower February 2009
Plant Stand: Foundation for Success January 2009
Successful Initial Year of Double-Cropped ’Flower February 2008
Lessons Learned: Sunflower’s Double-Crop Benefits February 2008
Sunflower a Consistent Double-Crop Option February 2008
Handicap Plus Technology Equals Farming Success February 2008
Improving the Odds January 2008
Putting Planters to the Test January 2008
Confection Planting Guide & Troubleshooting Tips January 2008
Planting Sunflower with an Air Seeder January 2008
The Most Important Thing You Can Do January 2008
Useful Planting-Related Websites January 2008
Keeping Confection Sunflower Atop the Profit Scale November 2007
Ten Sunflower Planting Pointers April 2007
Planting can be Weighty Challenge April 2006
Following Soybeans with Sunflower February 2006
Strategic Planting January 2005
Return to Rows April 2003
Doublecrop Diversity November 2001
Top Net Returner April 2001
Achieving Consistent Emergence April 2001
Labeled Sunflower Treatments 2001 April 2001
Plant Early, But Not Too Early February 2001
Tracking Sunflower Traits February 2001
Top Tips to Hit 3,000 January 2001
2001 NDSU Sunflower Production Budget January 2001
Choosing The Right Confection Hybrid December 2000
Aster yellows or seed maggot? December 2000
Get a Jump on 2001 Hybrid Selection October 2000
California's Sacramento Valley February 2000
Laying the Foundation February 2000
South Dakotans Like 22 April 1999
Back to Basics: A Sunflower Primer March 1999
Young North Dakota Picks Good Year to Try 'Flowers January 1999
Extra-Early Planting Provides Higher Oil - And More January 1999
Sunflower Assists in Fallow Elimination, Transition to No-Till March 1998
Minnesotans Examine Legumes Interseeded in Sunflower, Corn March 1998
Sunflower Residue During Fallow Periods March 1998
GPFARM: 'Far Out' Aid For Great Plains Farmers February 1998
‘Shallow Ridge-Till’ Handles Weeds in Nebraska ‘Flowers’ February 1998
Narrow-Row Confections January 1998
Not Your Typical Seeding Operation January 1998
Six Years of No-Till Lessons December 1997
'Plan B' Pays Dividends March 1997
Narrow Rows & Weed Control February 1997
Solid Stand Establishment February 1997
Sunflower An Ally in The Battle with Scab April 1996
Thinking About Solid Seeding? January 1996
Double Cropping Pays Off for These Kansans March 1995

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