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Sunflower Magazine

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Fall Prep for 'Flowers? You Bet! August 2013
Deep N Use: How Sunflower Compares With Other Crop February 2011
The Downside of Too Much N: Two Stories February 2011
2011 Special Section: Fertilization of Sunflower February 2011
Fertilization Trends: Northern Plains Perspective February 2011
Fertilization Trends: High Plains Perspective February 2011
New Technology in Soil Sampling February 2011
Soil Testing: Key Considerations February 2011
Applied Micronutrients February 2011
N.D. Sunflower Fertility Guidelines February 2011
High Plains N, P & K Basics February 2011
Urea on Top February 2011
Sulfur: A Secondary With Good ROI Promise February 2011
An ‘Edge’ That Leaves Nothing to Chance February 2011
Low pH: Big Issue for Some High Plains Soils February 2011
Fertilizing ’Flowers in '08 April 2008
Plant Sunflower, Save on Fertilizer April 2007
Sample Soil, Save money November 2006
Fall Excellent Time for Soil Sampling September 2006
In-Row Starter Fertilizer? April 2006
"New Era in N Management" February 2006
Don’t Let Unused N Go to Waste April 2004
Did You Leave Soil N Behind in 2003? November 2003
Recognizing Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms April 2001
Nimble Nabbers of N February 2001
Evaluating Soil Compaction November 2000
Treating Sunflower With Micronutrients - Do You Benefit? February 1998
Which Fields Are Candidates? February 1997
Topographic Sampling February 1997
Inside USDA's National Seed Storage Lab December 1996
Sidedressing 'Flowers Can Ease Time Pressures of a Busy Spring March 1996
Hybrids ARE Better March 1996
Your West Coast Hybrid Seed Source February 1996
The Value of Those Stalks February 1996
'Flowers Hold Their Own December 1995
Tillage & N Effects March 1995
Identifying Sunflower's Plant Growth Stages March 1995
Calculating the Impact of Hail On Sunflower March 1995

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