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You Are Here Sunflower Magazine > Optimizing Plant Development/Yields

Sunflower Magazine

Optimizing Plant Development/Yields
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King of the Hill January 2016
Their Sunflower Crop Likes Companionship December 2014
Raising 'Flowers Near Heart Mountain December 2013
Kansan's Favorite Crop? Sunflower! November 2013
Progressive & Committed August 2013
Giving Sunflower The Care It Is Due January 2013
No Room for Mediocrity February 2012
SPECIAL SECTION: Optimizing Sunflower Yield February 2012
Desiccation: The 'Sharpen' Option August 2011
Soil Salinity: An Expanding Issue March 2011
The Recipe for High Oils February 2011
Plant Stand: The Top Yield-Limiting Factor December 2010
Fungicide for Plant Health? December 2010
Pathogen Resistance Issues December 2010
New Weapon in Toolbox for Sunflower Desiccation September 2010
Early Planting and High Oils January 2010
Doubled Haploids: Breeding’s Future? November 2009
Fungicide & Plant Health April 2009
The ‘Plant Health’ Concept April 2009
Desiccation: The ’08 Experience January 2009
’08 Crop Survey Summary December 2008
The Preharvest Glyphosate Option September 2008
How to Estimate Yield September 2008
Can Fungicide Benefit Yield Even w/Disease Absence April 2008
Preharvest Glyphosate: The ’07 Experience December 2007
Seed Size, Planting Depth Can Impact Stands February 2007
“A Dry Weather Hedge” February 2007
Double Cropping Sunflower in the High Plains January 2007
2006 Sunflower Survey Observations January 2007
Oh Canada December 2006
Establishing Successful Stands April 2006
2006 Sunflower Treatment Options Online April 2006
Improving Plant Stands January 2006
3,000 lb Sunflower December 2005
Ten Factors to Help Bank High Yields December 2005
Give Sunflower Roots a Fighting Chance April 2005
Less Concern about Compaction in Northern Plains April 2005
Spring Planting Tips April 2005
The Effect of Hail on Sunflower September 2004
Payoff for Reducing Plant Population? April 2004
Confection Connection February 2004
Packing on the Pounds January 2004
Growing Clearfield Sunflower December 2003
Drought, Stand Top ’03 Yield Limiting Factors December 2003
Warm Welcome Back to Flowers November 2003
Weathering Drought February 2003
4,500 lb ‘Flowers January 2003
Drought, Stand Top ’02 Sunflower Yield Robbers November 2002
Success with Sunflower November 2002
“If I Can Plant Wheat, I Can Plant ‘Flowers” April 2002
Will Micronutrient Product Boost Your ‘Flowers? April 2002
MEY Group Alive and Well in Akron, CO February 2002
10 Resolutions for Producing Sunflower January 2002
Pioneering Didn't End with the 19th Century January 2002

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