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Sunflower Magazine

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Pest Management App Popular January 2015
New Insecticide for Sunflower Moth & Banded Moth April 2013
Tips For Optimum Insect Control February 2012
Quick Reference Guide to Major Sunflower Insects February 2012
Mustang Max in T-Band December 2010
Cutworm Vigilance April 2010
Insect Work Also Progresses April 2010
Spraying at Bloom with a Ground Rig January 2010
Thwarting the Stem Weevil January 2010
Staying One Step Ahead April 2009
Not Your Average Bug April 2009
Beating Bugs With HPR February 2009
Early Spray Gets the Moth April 2008
To The Next Level January 2008
Protect Stands from Early Season Bugs January 2008
Curtailing the Cutworm Threat December 2007
How Will a Mild Winter Affect Sunflower Insects? April 2006
A simple way to scout cutworms April 2005
Timely Scouting, Timely Treatments April 2005
Better Moisture, Better Stem Weevil Tolerance? April 2005
High Marks for Cruiser December 2004
What's Bugging You This Year? April 2004
Cruiser® Labeled for Sunflower December 2003
Pinpointing ’03 Insect Potential April 2003
Stem Weevil Upheaval December 2002
Why Were Weevils Worse in 2002? December 2002
Keep Banded Moth in your Cross Hairs April 2002
Put The Bite On Bugs April 2002
Cutworms and Wireworms February 2002
Confections See Spots: Lygus Suspected January 2002
Weeds - Diseases - Insects April 1999
Stem Weevil: Sly But Controllable March 1999
Understanding & Attacking The (Stem Weevil) Enemy March 1999
Field Perimeter April 1998
Red Seed Weevil Warrants Timely Monitoring in '98 March 1998
Managing the Midge January 1998
What Growers Say January 1998
Beetle Battles April 1997
Managing Stem Weevil In the High Plains March 1997
Midge and Seed Weevil Still Merit Vigilance March 1997
Predicting Stem Weevil Emergence Via GDD April 1996
Integrated Pest Management of Sunflower Insects April 1996
Integrated Pest Management of Sunflower Insects March 1996
Integrated Pest Management of Sunflower Insects February 1996
Integrated Pest Management of Sunflower Insects January 1996
Integrated Pest Management of Sunflower Insects December 1995
Integrated Pest Management of Sunflower Insects August 1995

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