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You Are Here Growers > Yield Trials and Crop Survey > Yield Trials & Hybrid Disease Ratings

Yield Trials & Hybrid Disease Ratings

Yield trials are an important way for producers to look at a hybrid's performance in several locations, over several years and environments. Yield is one component of the trials. In 2004, 2005 and 2006 all of the trials were conducted by USDA or university personnel. Some of the trials prior to those years were coordinated by the National Sunflower Association. New in 2005 was a disease rating for Sclerotinia stalk rot, downy mildew and rust. Seed companies may have additional trial and disease rating information.

Colorado  Disease Ratings  Insect Tolerance Ratings  Kansas  Kentucky
Missouri  Nebraska  North Dakota  Oklahoma  South Dakota
Texas  Wyoming  


Multiple Locations, Disease Ratings: Sclerotinia Stalk Rot Evaulation
2010_SF_StalkRot.Ratings.pdf - .pdf - 16 kb - Acrobat Reader

Carrington and Grandin


Multiple Locations, Disease Ratings: 2009 Disease Evaluations
2009_SF_Disease_Ratings.pdf - .pdf - 17 kb - Acrobat Reader


Crookston, MN, Disease Ratings: Sclerotinia Head Rot Ratings
2008_HeadRot_Ratings.pdf - .pdf - 43 kb - Acrobat Reader

Multiple Locations, Disease Ratings: 2008 Disease Evaluations
2008_SF_Disease_Ratings.pdf - .pdf - 47 kb - Acrobat Reader


ND & SD, Disease Ratings: 2007 Sunflower Evaluation
2007 Sunflower Sclerotina Evaluation.pdf - .pdf - 43 kb - Acrobat Reader

Sclerotinia stalk rot, downy mildew and rust ratings as compiled by USDA-ARS scientists can be found in Tables 13 and 14. For Sunflower midge ratings, see Tables 15 and 16.


All Locations, Disease Ratings: 2006 Sunflower Sclerotinia Evaluation
2006 Sunflower Sclerotinia Evaluation.pdf - .pdf - 26 kb - Acrobat Reader


All Locations, Disease Ratings: 2005 USDA Sclerotinia Trial
HybridDiseaseRatings_05.pdf - .pdf - 265 kb - Acrobat Reader

Sclerotinia stalk rot, downy mildew and rust ratings of released and commercial hybrids submitted for the 2005 USDA Sclerotinia trials.


ND, Disease Ratings: 2000 Sunflower Evaluation
2000 Sunflower Disease and Midge Survey.pdf - .pdf - 3651 kb - Acrobat Reader

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