Project Wildbird
Study of Wild Bird Preferences Draws to Close
Red-bellied Woodpecker
(c) Helen Ellis
Backyard Boutique
Original Photography,
Gainesville VA
PROJECT WILDBIRD is a landmark $1 million study of seed and feeder preferences of wild birds in the United States and Canada. PROJECT WILDBIRD, which began September 2005 and continued through December 2008, is funded by the Wild Bird Feeding Industry Research Foundation (WBFI RF). Upon completion, PROJECT WILDBIRD will be the most comprehensive study on bird feeding ever performed. The study results will provide people who feed birds with scientifically-substantiated recommendations on the best feeds and feeders to attract birds.

Final results for the project are available at this link: Project Wildbird.

"PROJECT WILDBIRD was a complete success. Nearly 1,500 individuals from across the U.S. and Canada participated, and recorded over 1,000,000 bird visits at feeders. After analysis of the data, we will be able to provide seed and feeder recommendations by geographic region and season of the year" said Dr. David J. Horn, Associate Professor of Biology at Millikin University and Principal Investigator for the study.

"We have been dazzled by the updates at each mile marker though out the 3 years of data collection of PROJECT WILDBIRD. Each has acted as a teaser to the final results yet to come. This historic study will soon be a dream realized for the visionaries who imagined this project, so the ultimate goal of improving the consumer experience of feeding wild birds is achieved by our industry. We are all eagerly awaiting the final data. The teamwork put forth by all the participants has been tremendous, and this is truly an entire industry effort that will augment our collective customer's encounters with wild birds for generations to come" said Craig Brummell, President of the WBFI RF and Vice President of the WBFI.
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