2024 Call for Papers
The 46th National Sunflower Association Research Forum is scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, January 10, 2024, and conclude by Noon on Thursday, January 11th. The Forum is a popular and well-attended event and will be held at the Holiday Inn in Fargo, North Dakota. The purpose of the Forum is to report on research, to promote discussion, and to stimulate creative thinking. The results reported can be preliminary or final.   We invite your participation (or that of a colleague) in the presentation of research at the Forum. Presentations may be either oral or in the form of a poster.
  • Papers will have a 20-minute time slot to present and answer any questions the attendees may have. An LCD projector with a laptop will be available for your presentation.
  • A time will be designated for authors to be with their posters. Posters will have a 15-minute time slot in which to present your poster and answer any questions the attendees may have.
  If you or a colleague has an interest in presenting a paper at the Forum, submit your application online. Your submission must be completed by December 11, 2023. This is the deadline date for all titles and papers. There will be NO extensions. Your title must be finalized at this time, and we would appreciate your being as specific as possible. The NSA reserves the right to reject any and all requests to submit a paper at the Forum.

Please remember you must be registered to present your poster or paper.  You can register online at the 2024 NSA Research Forum event page where information is also available about lodging and meals.
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