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You Are Here Sunflower Oil > NuSun > Role of Healthy Oils in the Diet

Role of Healthy Oils in the Diet

Single Kernel
This document reviews the scientific research, nutritional guidelines, and regulatory issues that need to be considered when manufacturers and consumers choose a cooking oil. NuSun sunflower oil outshines other oils for commercial use by providing optimal health benefits, great taste and performance, while remaining trans fat-free.

Additional Documents

Role of Healthy Oils in the Diet - White Paper (document) File Size: 5032 kb

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Role of Healthy Oils in the Diet - White Paper

Cardiovascular Benefit of NuSun® Oil

Single Kernel
For the first time, a controlled clinical study shows the heart-health benefit of using NuSun sunflower oil. Substituting two tablespoons of NuSun sunflower oil daily in place of saturated fat had a signficantly cholesterol-lowering effect than substituting a similiar amount of olive oil. The complete results of the Penn State NuSun human clinical trial has been published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, July 2005 No. 7 Pages 1080-1086. The publication can be accessed via or in most public libraries. A summary of the Penn State study is available by clicking on the file name below.

Additional Documents

Cardiovascular Benefits of NuSun (Fact Sheet 3.2) (document) File Size: 292 kb

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Cardiovascular Benefits of NuSun (Fact Sheet 3.2)

Science Backgrounder On NuSun® Diet Study

Single Kernel
To test the heart-health benefits of NuSun® sunflower oil, researchers at The Pennsylvania State University compared healthful diets with either NuSun® or olive oil, to the average American diet.

Lipid-lowering Effects of NuSun (Background) (document) File Size: 24 kb

Lipid-lowering Effects of NuSun (Background)

Mid- or High-Oleic Oil Affect on Diet

Single Kernel
Robert J. Nicolosi, Benjamin Woolfreya, Thomas A. Wilsona, Patrick Scollina, Garry Handelmana, Robert Fisherb. "Decreased aortic early atherosclerosis and associated risk factors in hypercholesterolemic hamsters fed a high- or mid-oleic acid oil compared to a high-linoleic acid oil", Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 15 (2004) 540-547

Abstract: The present study was designed to investigate the effect of diets containing mid- or high-linoleic oil versus the typical high-linoleic sunflower oil on LDL oxidation and the development of early atherosclerosis in a hypercholesterolemic hamster model. Download a PDF of the complete research findings by clicking on the file name below. © 2004 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Risk Factors in Hamsters Fed Mid or High-Oleic Oil (document) File Size: 98 kb

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Risk Factors in Hamsters Fed Mid or High-Oleic Oil

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