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You Are Here Media Center > 2010 Summer Seminar

Summer Seminar Topics/Speakers

The annual Summer Seminar provides an opportunity to learn about a range of vital and timely topics. Below are the speakers, highlights of the topics they addressed, and their June 23, 2010 presentations.

Nutrisun Sunflower Oil: A New Market Opportunity

High stearic/high oleic acid sunflower hybrid seed has been developed and commercial production has been planted in 2010. This is another unique type of sunflower oil that has specific applications in the U.S. and world market. The following presentations discuss the science behind this development as well the as market options and opportunities. U.S. dietary guidelines also have a potential impact on this development. Presenters for this session were Dr. Alberto Leon of Advanta Semillas from Argentina, Robert Collette of the Institute of Shortening and Edible Oils, and Sara Anderson of Technology Crops International (TCI).

Additional Documents

Challenges and Opportunities for Edible Oil Reform (document) File Size: 686 kb

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
Robert Collette, President, Institute of Shortening and Edible Oils

High Stearic High Oleic Sunflower Oil (document) File Size: 1067 kb

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
Dr. Alberto J. Leon, General Manager NutriSun Unit, Global R&D Manager, ADVANTA

HSHO Sunflower Oil - TCI's Perspective (document) File Size: 383 kb

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
Technology Crops International, Supply Chain Management, Production partner for ADVANTA High Stearic High Oleic Sunflowers

SNP Marker Panel

Researchers discussed a program to use SNP markers in sunflower breeding programs. The National Sunflower Association board of directors has invested in sequencing a number of cultivars with broad genetic backgrounds. The next step will be to genotype a broad group of lines to confirm SNP markers. Two panelists, Dr. Pegadaraju Venkatramana and Dr. Brent Hulke, discussed the process and program.

Additional Documents

Fast Tracking Hybrid Seed w/New Technology (document) File Size: 970 kb

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
Pegadaraju Venkatramana, PhD; DNA technologies; BioDiagnostics, Inc.

Using SNPs & Applying Them to SF Problems (document) File Size: 233 kb

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
Dr. Brent Hulke; Sunflower Geneticist; USDA ARS

The Dynamics of the Snack Food Industry

Sally Lyons Wyatt is a snack food expert in consumer trends and habits. The sunflower industry is closely wedded to the snack food industry. This presentation outlines key elements of this dynamic industry.

Additional Documents

Dynamics of the Snack Food Industry (document) File Size: 7140 kb

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
Sally Lyons Wyatt, Senior Vice President, Symphony IRI Group

Market Drama: Is this a Love or Horror Story?

John C. Baize discusses market issues related to oilseeds and specifically sunflower, including opportunities and threats.

Additional Documents

Market Drama: Love or Horror Story?  (document) File Size: 3359 kb

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
John C Baize; John C. Baize and Associates

Controlling Rust: Timing & Fungicide Performance

Dr. Sam Markell discusses options to control rust including fungicides and timing.

Additional Documents

Controlling Rust: Timing and Fungicide Performance  (document) File Size: 1892 kb

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
Dr. Sam Markell, Extension Plant Pathologist, NDSU

Use of Desiccants and Application Timing

Dr. Rich Zollinger discusses desiccating sunflower using a number of labeled products and timing.

Additional Documents

Opportunities in SF - Desiccation/Weeds (document) File Size: 7443 kb

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
Kirk Howatt and Rich Zollinger, NDSU Weed Science

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