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Time to Scout for Head Insects

As the sunflower crop approaches the reproductive stages it is time to scout for insects that can damage the developing seeds. The banded sunflower moth is most common in the northern region and has been identified with economic damage in uncontrolled fields. For further information on the banded sunflower moth visit our website page Banded Sunflower Moth. The red sunflower seed weevil is found in most regions of the country but its population can be quite variable. For further information on the red sunflower seed weevil visit our website Red Sunflower Seed Weevil. North Dakota State University has developed excellent videos on scouting for and controlling the banded moth and red sunflower seed weevil. The site also includes formulas to determine economic thresholds. Go to Kansas State University has an information piece on identifying and control of the sunflower head moth which can be found at:

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