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SURE Eligiblity on Failed Wheat 2009

There have been questions regarding planting sunflower after failed winter wheat and its implications on the SURE program. SURE is the new farm bill’s disaster program. The following is information based upon conversations with the Farm Service Agency at USDA in Washington DC. However, a producer should also visit the local FSA office to make sure they are aware of these interpretations prior to planting.

Planting sunflower on failed wheat will not disqualify a producer from collecting possible SURE benefits if the requirements below are followed:

1. Non-irrigated sunflower on failed wheat would be considered a ‘ghost’ crop.
a. Insurance would not be required (could not have been bought because double-cropping sunflowers is not insurable on non-irrigated land)
b. Revenue generated would not be considered as part of the SURE calculation.
2. Irrigated double crop: Irrigated wheat and irrigated double cropped sunflower is considered an acceptable FSA practice
a. Combination is insurable
b. If producer did not specify sunflower as an insurable crop then…
i. Producer must request ‘equitable relief’ and pay applicable fee ($250) to prevent losing possible SURE benefits.
ii. Guarantee and Revenue of sunflower crop for SURE will be calculated as if it had CAT coverage.

1. Sunflower is insurable in 3 NW counties and would follow the same requirements as listed above for Texas insurable counties
2. All other counties would consider sunflower as a ‘ghost’ crop on failed wheat and would be treated as in Texas, # 1 listed above.

1. FSA recognizes 51 counties non-irrigated sunflower as an acceptable double crop practice following wheat
a. Insurance is required on the sunflower for SURE eligibility
i. ‘Equitable relief’ is obtainable for insurance if sunflower was not specified by the producer by requesting relief and paying the applicable fee ($250)
ii. Guarantee and Revenue of sunflower crop for SURE will be calculated as if it had CAT coverage.

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