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Header Attachments & Conversion Kits Options for Sunflower Harvest

Tuesday, August 28, 2018
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       Capello has been producing world-class harvest headers for more than 50 years, including the Quasar corn header and the Helianthus sunflower header.  The Helianthus is dedicated to optimum sunflower harvest and is a row-independent design, which employs nine-inch heavy-duty crop pans on a Schumacher® cutter bar and a hydraulically driven sunflower reel. 
       All Capello products are designed to be fitted to any combine in the world through the use of adapter plates.  These adapter plates and the crop pans are fully adjustable to achieve optimum cutting height and angle in any condition.  Lift rods are available for down-crop conditions.  The Helianthus is the choice of large sunflower growers for its simple maintenance, design dedicated to perfect sunflower harvest, and complete two-year warranty.
       The Quasar corn header can also be used in sunflower harvest, with the addition of a sunflower kit to each row unit.  The active sunflower cutting kit replaces one of the two corn deck plates on each row unit with the simple loosening of the gathering chain and removal of just two bolts.  Once installed, the knife sprocket on the sunflower kit is turned by the gathering chain of the row unit, creating a three-sprocket system on each row unit to both gather the sunflower plant and actively cut the plant for a clean and precise action that mitigates head shatter.  Complete install time of a Capello sunflower kit for the Quasar corn header is less than 15 minutes per row unit.  The dual-use of the Quasar makes sense in many operations and can drastically reduce overall capital investment by putting one time-tested machine to work in two crops.
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       The Flexxifinger QD™ Sunflower Pan was introduced to farmers in 2007 by the Saskatchewan agricultural manufacturer Flexxifinger QD™ Industries Inc.  It is designed for quick installation and removal. The system also enables quick transition to other types of harvest attachments.  
       Since 2007, Flexxifinger has developed its unique patents pending system for harvesting corn with a draper header that has become known as the Flexxifinger® Corn Harvest Pans™. Flexxifinger has been successful at harvesting corn crops averaging from a low of 40 bu/ac to as much as 250 bu/ac with this system on draper headers.        
       Using the Corn Harvest Pan as a base, Flexxifinger has developed a conversion kit that transforms the Corn Harvest Pan into a system that has been used to successfully harvest sunflower with a draper header. They use the patented Flexxifinger QD™ (Quick Detach) system. This system allows removal of a set of pans in minutes. 
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Gates Manufacturing
       Gates Manufacturing has marketed its “Quick Tach” sunflower pans for many years. The 48-inch-long durable plastic pans are available in three- and four-pan assembly units for easy handling. 
       Overall unit widths are available in any footage. The pans, available in widths of either nine or 12 inches, are designed to mount easily (via just two tighteners) on any auger or draper head.
     Gates also offers liftrods that can be easily attached to the pans to aid with the harvesting of lodged plants.
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General Implement Dist. SunStorm &?SeedEater
       Jamestown, N.D.-based General Implement Distributors (formerly West Country Products) markets the NARDI “SunStorm,” manufactured in Italy.  This is the fourth year for it to be offered in the U.S., but it has been successfully used in the European market for more than a decade. 
       The SunStorm is a row-less head, handling all row spacings with ease. Mounting adapters allow its fit on most late-model combines.  With that versatility, this head can fit into anyone’s operation with ease.  
       This low-maintenance head decreases shatter loss and promotes a fast, efficient harvest.  A slip clutch protects the single gear box, and a lightweight, reinforced rigid frame provides stability.  The reel auger turns very close to the dividers (pans) and works like a shovel. It is set to time perfectly with the sickle movement so to be gentle with the ’flower heads.  Reel distance from the feeder auger is designed to guarantee a smooth, continuous flow of crop.  Shield position can be changed manually or hydraulically for a more-aggressive harvesting, depending on the ’flower type.  The dividers are designed for the best penetration among all row spacings, gently driving the ’flowers to the knives.  Seeds that may eventually fall from the ’flowers are collected inside the dividers. A metal net covers the auger and guarantees safety and minimal seed losses.
       This revolutionary new-style head comes in two sizes with affordable pricing.  There’s a U.S.-based repair/parts source, and the SunStorm comes with a three-year warranty.  
       General Implement Distributors has distributed the “SeedEater” sunflower harvesting attachment since 2006.  MIDMACH (formerly Midwestern Machine), its manufacturer, has been making the attachment since 1986. The product underwent an extensive makeover in 1994 to improve its fit, function and aesthetics.
       Along with sunflower, the SeedEater also has been used successfully in milo.
     This harvesting attachment has been sold across the U.S. and in 14 foreign nations. MIDMACH also has partnered with other major manufacturers as an OEM supplier in overseas sales and service.
       The SeedEater is available with pan widths of nine or 12 inches.  Overall attachment widths range from 18 feet to a new 40-foot attachment, which is a split unit.  
        “Key features of the SeedEater include a heavy-duty 16-gauge drum with specially designed fingers to move sunflower heads gently but positively to the auger,” says General Implement Distributors.  It also has heavy-duty 14-gauge pans with strong design and extra-long dividers for more-positive row alignment.”
     “The SeedEater is easily mounted on your own combine header and can be easily removed, if desired, to use your platform on other crops,” General Implement adds. “The pans are mounted on a tube frame; therefore, the drum can be rolled off the reel arms onto the pans for off-season storage.  The chain binders release on the back of the header, and you are ready to back away from the SeedEater.”  This process can be done by one person in approximately one-half hour.
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       Geringhoff features the following harvesting head options available for sunflower producers:
  • SunLite —?The SunLite head aggressively harvests the crop while gently transferring it to reduce loss.  The SunLite cutter bar features the durable Schumacher cutting system, with sickles bolted securely in place for easy maintenance and individual removal. SunLite’s adjustable auger can be easily adapted to maximize crop flow.
  • Elite Series With Sunflower Adapter Kit — The Geringhoff Rota Disc or NorthStar corn headers can be transformed into the ultimate sunflower harvesting system by adding our sunflower adapter kits with rear and side extensions.  The passive sunflower adapter features a hardened edge cutting disc mounted between the deck plates.  These discs separate the sunflower head from the stalk as the rollers pull the stalk down.
  • Additional Options — 9-Lug Sunflower Chains; Back and Side Extensions; Active Sunflower Adapter.
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Golden Plains Ag Tech
       Golden Plains, based in Colby, Kan., has been marketing the “SunStar” sunflower harvesting system for the past 25
years, serving customers in North and South America and other countries.
     SunStar corn head attachments are used on John Deere, Case IH and New Holland heads. Golden Plains has a model for the JD 600 Series corn head, the Case 2200, 2400 and 3200/3400 Series, and the New Holland 98C and 98D.
     SunStar is designed to take advantage
of the unique physical characteristics of the sunflower stalk. For that reason, sunflower is the only crop that can be harvested while the SunStar attachments are installed. However, the attachments are installed and removed quite easily, so the grower can quickly switch from ’flowers to corn, or vice versa, if needed.
     “With SunStar conversions installed on the producer’s corn head, he can move quickly through his standing ’flowers with a very small loss,” says Golden Plains Ag Tech. “He will be able to lift lodged stalks and move the heads into the combine with minimum loss.” Sunflower heads enter the cross auger “with the heads unbroken and six to 12 inches of stalk still attached to the head,” the company states.
     SunStar has no moving parts and requires no physical modification for attachment to the corn head. “There is only one simple adjustment which is usually made only once per season,” says Golden Plains.
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Hamilton Systems / Fantini
       Fantini has been one of the foremost header manufacturers since 1968, specializing in corn and sunflower headers.  These universal headers are designed to fit all makes and models, offering a proven enhancement to the performance of today’s high-output combines.
       Sunflower headers must be designed to harvest the crop correctly with minimum losses. The Fantini sunflower header is simple, reliable and requires minimum maintenance.  Stalks are held by unique rubber blocks on the gathering chains and immediately cut by rotating disc knives to prevent shaking and seed loss. The specially designed collecting pans slope rearwards and help reduce header losses to virtually zero.  (The gathering chains and rubber blocks can last up to 10,000 acres.)
       As the header incline is adjustable, the collecting pans can be set to slope rearwards at almost any cutting height.  The points (snouts) also are adjustable, ensuring maximum pickup of downed ’flowers.  The auger is designed to ensure the most efficient transfer of harvested material to the combine with minimum damage and loss, facilitating maximum harvest efficiency whatever the harvesting conditions.
       Fantini sunflower headers are available in row widths of from 20 to 40 inches and from four to 18 rows.
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Lucke Manufacturing
       The original Lucke sunflower harvesting attachment dates back to 1966. Lucke presently offers nine- and 12-inch pan width options with its non-reel system. Other options include liftrods for lodged plants and roller tips that are particularly useful in solid-seeded fields.
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Sheyenne Sunmaster
       The Sunmaster harvest header by Sheyenne Tooling has been produced in the United States — in Cooperstown, N.D. — since 1995.  The Sunmaster is the premier header for all conditions of sunflowers: lodged, broken, diseased. Tough harvest conditions — heavy snow, strong winds, hail and heavy rain — can damage sunflower fields to the point where everything looks lost.  But the Sheyenne Sunmaster’s unique dividers gently lift and align the plant back into its according row. The rear placing of the knives to the gathering chain cut the stalk or head, ensuring minimal head loss.
       Recently, the Sunmaster has gone through extensive cosmetic and engineering changes. The ACT (Active Clutch Technology) was introduced in 2015 to meet the demands of customers who demanded more clutch strength. The update provided 30% more strength and provided a flawless transition from varying field conditions. For 2016, the Sunmaster was given an aggressive auger to help feed more product into the combine. The aggressive teeth allow for faster harvesting speeds through standing ’flowers.
       Sheyenne backs all Sunmaster headers with sales support and service. Sheyenne noticed a lack of support when it came to operation of the headers, as no two fields are exactly the same. So the company offers in-field training with all customers to help ensure all of their questions are answered on site.
       Looking forward, Sheyenne is in development of an all-crop Sunmaster that will be capable of running in sunflower, corn and milo. Keep checking the Sheyenne Facebook page and website for continued updates and progress.
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