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Sunflower Magazine

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From North Germany to Eastern Colorado February 2016
Kent Kinkler Marks Nearly 40 Years in Sunflower February 2016
A Sunflower Love Story January 2016
N.D. Grower Enjoys Sunflower Renewal January 2016
Hardly 1979, But . . . November 2015
Sold on Sunflower October 2015
’Flowers Top List for S.W. North Dakotan September 2015
‘We Need More Sunflower Acres’ April 2015
‘We Always Harvest Sunflower’ February 2015
‘Our Best Crop Economically’ January 2015
Dryland Confection Success Story in Western Neb. October 2014
A Rotation Fixture August 2014
Double-Crop Success April 2013
How Sunflower Can Fit on CRP December 2012
Is Sunflower a Good Fit for CRP Acres? April 2012
Sunflower & Corn: Rotational Synergy March 2011
Sunflower on CRP Worked for Me November 2008
Pocket of Productivity November 2008
Saline Soils Assist February 2008
The Risk of Beans on Beans (on Beans) September 2006
Following Soybeans with ‘Flowers November 2003
The Rotation Equation: Where should sunflower fit? February 2003
New Crop Sequence Calculator February 2001
Soil Erosion on 'Flower Ground? Not a Problem! March 2000
Sunflower on Corn Ground, A Dry Season Success Story February 1998
'Flowers Take Root in Kiowa December 1997
Grain Yields Benefit From Sunflower in This Rotation January 1997

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