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You Are Here Sunflower Magazine > Hybrid Selection/Planting

Sunflower Magazine

Hybrid Selection/Planting
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The Times Are ‘A Changin’ for Confections January 2016
New Hybrids for 2016 November 2015
2015 NSA Summer Seminar Panel Summary September 2015
Why You Should Care About SNPs February 2015
New Hybrids for 2015 December 2014
An Exemplary Breeding Career August 2014
New Hybrids for 2014 December 2013
Planting Delay Impacts 'Flower Acerage August 2013
Preliminary Results: Spring Spacing Survey August 2013
Options Growing With Short-Stature Hybrids January 2013
New Hybrids for 2013 Planting December 2012
Herbicide-Tolerant Hybrids’ Big Impact April 2012
Tips For Choosing Your Hybrids February 2012
Hybrid Selection: A Grower Perspective February 2012
Hybrids Coming for 2012 December 2011
Late Planting Risks & Rewards March 2011
Late Planting: Tips from Seed Pros March 2011
Shorter-Season Northern Hybrids March 2011
Fresh Hybrids for '11 December 2010
'09 Public Hybrid Trial Data Sites January 2010
Fresh Hybrids for ’10 December 2009
Where Your Seed Is Grown December 2009
Bloom Date Nurseries December 2009
Not Simple, Not Cheap December 2009
Ornamental Maestro December 2009
Syngenta Enters U.S. Sunflower Seed Market November 2009
Sunflower Hybrids: What’s Coming Next Year? December 2008
2007 Sunflower Hybrid Performance Results January 2008
Sunflower Hybrids: What’s New for Next Year December 2007
Skip Row Planting April 2007
Sunflower Hybrid Performance Results January 2007
Selecting a Sunflower Hybrid January 2007
Making Sense of Hybrid Statistics January 2007
Sunflower Hybrids for 2007 November 2006
Factors Affecting Hybrid Profitability, Stability November 2006
'Cruiser' Control February 2006
Selecting a Sunflower Hybrid January 2006
The 2006 Sunflower Hybrids November 2005
Selecting a Sunflower Hybrid January 2005
The 2005 Sunflower Hybrids November 2004
Graphite or Talc? April 2004
Small Sunflower, Big Results February 2004
Top Dollar for Large In-Shell January 2004
Tips in Selecting Your ’04 Hybrids January 2004
Clearfield™ Sunflower Primer December 2003
Sunflower Planting Tips April 2003
Short Sunflower May Be Long On Advantages February 2003
Selecting Hullers February 2003
Selecting Your ’03 Hybrids January 2003
Sun Seed Reps Sound Off April 2002
Barley Bulk Aids 'Flower Seeding February 2002
Selecting Your ’02 Hybrids January 2002

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