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Sunflower Magazine

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Update: USDA Downy Mildew Confection Resistance Pr April 2015
Phomopsis Stem Canker October 2014
Managing Sunflower Rust August 2013
Managing Sunflower Rust With Fungicides April 2012
Tips For Management of Diseases February 2012
Getting a Handle on Phomopsis January 2012
Fungicides & Phomopsis January 2012
Scientists Collaborate to Study Phomopsis November 2011
Head Rot Fungicides August 2011
Managing Sclerotinia March 2011
Fungicides to Control Sclerotinia Head Rot January 2011
On Their Way, Finally! January 2011
Hammering Away on Sclerotinia April 2010
Managing Rust: Research Provides More Answers April 2010
Understanding Sunflower Rust December 2009
Rating Hybrids for Sclerotinia Resistance April 2009
Reining in Rust December 2008
Sclerotinia Resistance: Real Progress April 2008
Downy Mildew: Another Threat to Plant Stand January 2008
Can Headline Fungicide Improve Sunflower Health? April 2007
Challenging Year for Disease Research February 2007
Shady Pathogens January 2007
Dynasty Seed Treatment Adjusted December 2006
Downy Mildew in Sunflower February 2006
It Pays to Control Rust in Confection Sunflower December 2005
Post-Sclerotinia Recommendations April 2005
Getting a Hand on Downy Mildew February 2005
Primer on Sclerotinia January 2005
A Favorable Year for Downy Mildew September 2004
Controlling Sclerotinia Naturally February 2003
Sclerotinia Initiative Underway February 2003
Will New Biocontrol Product Intercept Sclerotinia? February 2002
Downing Downy Mildew December 2001
Biotech Sclerotinia Resistance In The Works February 2001
Crash Testing for Sclerotinia December 2000
Biocontrol of Sclerotinia Promising December 2000
Downy Mildew Dilemma December 2000
System Will Aid Testing for Head rot Resistance March 2000
Sclerotia February 2000
Weeds - Diseases - Insects April 1999
Control Now or Pay Later April 1999
Help Wanted: Molecular Geneticist January 1999
Apron-Resistant Downy Mildew Strain Appears September 1998
Improving Physiological Maturity Comparisons April 1998
What Growers Say January 1998

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