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You Are Here Growers > Approved Chemicals > Bird Abatement and Other


Control Description
Biodegradable taste aversion to keep blackbirds out of sunflowers and corn.

Recommended Usage
Aerial application: 1 pint of BirdShield to 5 gallons of water per acre, when you first see birds or bird damage, and 7 days later if you see birds or damage again.

Flock Buster

Control Description
Biological repellent with taste and smell aversions.

Recommended Usage
For agricultural application use at least 5 gallons of diluted product initially and 2.5 gallons of diluted product for residual maintenance. Allow 10 days prior to harvest for product effect to diminish.

Starlicide Complete

Control Description
A slow acting avicide for the control of blackbirds, starlings and grackles in and around livestock and poultry operations.

Recommended Usage
Apply ready-to-use pelleted bait in treated areas only after carefully observing bird feeding habits to locate preferred feeding sites, determine the optimum time of application, and assess potential hazards from use of this product to desirable or protected animals.

AVEX Bird Repellent

Control Description
This product is used to discourage birds from feeding on sunflowers.

Recommended Usage
Mix one part repellent with 99 parts of water to produce a 1% solution. Apply at a rate of 1 pint to 2.5 gallons of finished mixture (0.28 to 5.73 lbs. a.i.) per acre depending on vegetation density (due to increased surface area more product may be required).

Begin applications when crop begins to ripen or birds begin feeding. Reapply every 5 to 8 days if birds reappear. Harvest crop 5 to 8 days after last treatment or after all odor and taste of the product has dissipated.

Directions for Use of These Products
It is a violation of Federal law to use any of these products in manner that is inconsistent with its labeling. For any requirements specific to your State or Tribe contact the State or Tribal agency that is responsible for pesticide regulation.

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